Free picture frames

1 x A1 gold coloured metal thin frame over glass, old abstract flower poster inside.  Needs a clean but otherwise fine. 1 x A2 clip frame with glass 1 x A2 clip frame no glass but all clips and the hard board and backing paper.  Board might be a good craft/cutting board? 1 x poster of penguins (photograph) to collect any or all from off Northwold Rd. Clapton/Stokey.


  1. Hello Mrs Tidy up! I’ll take them if they’re still going? Sarah x

  2. Oh but just the 1st 2 x

  3. Hello! First two are yours.  If you can accept/invite me to be your friend on here I can then private message you my address/number. Are you about tomorrow later on or Friday to collect? H

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