free DVD plastic cases

i have about 150-200 dvd cases from my film collection, which i have decided to condense into a wallet to save space! i dont want to put them in the bin as they are in good nick and it seems like such a waste… today is sunday 28th august 2011 and i’m hoping to get a quick bacnk holiday response!any takers, even if you just want a few, drop me a message here, thanks amy


  1. @lovelyamy about 10/15 would be good to have if still available – cant collect or be in to get off you  till this evening though or Tuesday daytime

  2. hi @alexisksorry alexisk, i only just saw your msg, but sure – i still have loads! i can leave some outside the house by the garden gate in a plastic bag if you still want them tomorrow (tuesday). i’m just off chatsworth road on sewdley street e5. i’ll pop them in an orange ‘bag for life’cheers!

  3. Thats brill @lovelyamy – I’m 3 mins away on Chatsworth Road – will nip round to look in the morning. Thank you

  4. great! i left them on the pavement this morning, hope you got them ok, if not, and they’ve been taken by someone else, i have loads more and can leave outside again tomorrow!!cheers amy

  5. My fault – I think I may have got there too late -could you message me?

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