Free design work

Hi everyone, i’ve just discovered this group and i’m already finding loads of great stuff I’m trying to beef up my portfolio before sending out to potential employers so am offering myself to the group for some free design work please get in touch if you need anything


  1. Lee send me a link to your work. I don’t like people working for nothing for me by the way!

  2. Also check out the webpage http://www.theghostorchestra.comThe main image on the homepage was done for the sleeve but I’ve got to put it together and of course the other panels aren’t done.

  3. @leebromfield just checking you’ve seen this

  4. hi @ewebber i can’t see what you’re checking to see if i’ve seen

  5. @leebromfield the messages from @desb above

  6. @ewebber yes i did thanks, great site, also love your celebration of palm2, almost my local shop, love the place

  7. Hi @desbI don’t have a site I can send you a link to but if you like give me your email and i will send you some stuff over- mine is leebromfield1@gmail.comThanks

  8. Hi @leebromfield I would advise sending your email only through private messaging (you have to be friends on this site to do that) as the forums are public.

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