Free Dalsouple rubber floors tiles

Hiya, I’ve got some used sky blue Dalsouple rubber floor tiles. Would anyone like them? A shame to throw them away, as they’re pricey to buy new. Need a bit of cleaning up first, but with a bit of elbow grease they’ll come up lovely. I’ve got around 3 sq metres, so enough for an average-sized bathroom floor. Get in touch if you want them – otherwise they’re destined for the skip very soon. K


  1. hello, are these tiles still available?cheers,Sam

  2. Yes they are! Sorry for late reply, I didn’t get an alert for for your reply for some reason. Private message me if you want to pick them up.

  3. @karlrees those notifications aren’t being emailed right now a planned upgrade next week should hopefully sort it out@ messages are being emailed

  4. @huffkins In case you weren’t alerted to my last post, yes, the tiles are still available if you want them.

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