Free art and music event where you take part this Saturday at the new Arthaus

Arthaus, 205 Richmond Road,Hackney, London, E8 3NJSaturday 21st January 6pm -9pm We’ll be hosting a free event with the help of electo-acoustic visionaryLars Korb, and Japanese contemporary sound-designer Ayumi Sawa to mark movinginto the fabulous Arthaus. It’ll also coincide with the opening of a fantasticexhibition and UK first.You’re invited check out our new home, look, listenand even take part with the guidence of our experts in an open objectelectronic/organic blend jam session on a vast range of instruments, fromTibetan bowls and a Kalimba, to the handmade ‘box-guitar’ and ‘waterphone’.These low-fi instruments are miked up, amplified and are incorporated intoelectronic music live sequences in Ableton, with midi-controllers running livetoo. This intriguing combination of styles and apparatus creates an experimentalstyle of performative contemporary music as avant-garde methods to come up withan ongoing composition that is more than aural stimuli. The event is free andopen to all so feel free to invite others.To be added to our mailing list and be in the loop for events in thefuture, enter your email address in the box on the right-hand side of ourhomepage: More on the art to see:Soft Machine is the first UK soloexhibition of Polish-born Canadian artist Jarek Piotrowski. Drawing on thesubversive William S. Burroughs novel The Soft Machine (1961)Piotrowski’s work explores themes of the human body under siegerepetitive rituals and institutions of control.Through an immersiveinstallation of paintings cut-outs experimental music and live performancestructure and order are broken down and unanswered fundamental questions ofhuman nature confronted. Trained in traditional techniques of drawing andpainting Piotrowski returns to the classical subjects of religion science andsociology continually exploring the physicality of the human body and themechanisms of its control. Piotrowski’s motifs themselves resembleBurrough’s cut-up technique as images taken from archival and digitalsources are sliced up rearranged and layered to create complex formal andsymbolic webs. Mining images from medical books popular culture religioustexts and natural processes Piotrowski builds up and dissolves patterns toreveal constructed exteriors.By painstakingly hand-cutting banal PVCmatting Piotrowski renders the industrial intimate as the tough surfacebecomes a porous palette defined by its patterning. In the vast atrium of thegallery Piotrowski will extend the three-dimensionality of his cut-outs tocreate a grand site-specific installation in one of his most ambitious projectsto date that will not only push the limits of physicality of the artist butexplore the viewer’s experience of their own physicality.JarekPiotrowski was born in Bialystok Poland in 1973 and currently lives and worksin Munich. Recent exhibitions include BRP Paper Black Rat Press London2011Bimbo Box 5 Munich2011 Alice Dans les Tenebres Galerie Popy Arvani Paris2010 and Lehner/Piotrowski Galerie Andreas Höhne Munich 2010.”