Fred and Fran new coffee shop

Fred and Fran – a new Australian coffee shop on Kynaston Rd N16via northsixteen on twitter


  1. That’s a decent walking distance from my house! Oh boy!

    Are they open yet?

  2. @quitepeculiar If you go can you take a snap and post it here with some info about the place – ta

  3. … and I’ve corrected the link to the tweet – which says 17th Sept launch

  4. I’m on it. It looks to be only a fifteen minute walk or so from my house.

  5. These guys appear to be open now, @quitepeculiar have you been in?

  6. As of yesterday, I have! They’re open from 8 am until 5 pm I think and my flat white was quite up to par. They also have jam you can buy as well as breakfasts and other small food. All coffees came with a shortbread biscuit. I’ll have to go again in the upcoming week or so to take some better pictures and write up a proper review. Has anyone else been? They were quite busy for a Monday when I went in with my friend.”

  7. Oh, and they’re cash-only, as I found out when I showed up there prior to work with no cash (like a fool). They’ve got a site of sorts now, too: Closed Tuesdays.”

  8. Was in a couple of weeks ago – good coffee but service was interminable slow. Seems if it gets a little bit busy the barrista can’t keep up…

  9. I’ve been into Fred and Fran now three times–most recently to grab a coffee for take-away, but the other two times I sat inside. From the times I’ve been in at around 4 pm, I’ve seen that Fred and Fran encourage a family-friendly atmosphere. The shop owner’s child or children tend to be at a table or in the little courtyard, and there are frequently a couple of buggies (or more) in the café. There were also two boxes that had children’s books underneath one of the bench seats next to the coffee station. One time I went on my own to dine-in, and I had a nice open-faced aubergine sandwich that was piled with aubergines and brie (I think it was). It was delicious, although I was having a hard time eating it without the components falling back onto the board it was presented on, as one of the café’s smaller customers was noting. In regards to the service being slow, I think it takes as long as it would at a place like Tina, We Salute You, especially when there’s a backlog of coffees to make. There’s normally only one barista, as well as another person who may be running coffees, teas and food out to one of the five or six tables.

  10. A four year old’s unnerving stare?! Stoke Newington must be a terrifying place in general for you @quitepeculiar I think it’s a shame that there have been quite a few of these discussions of coffee shops being ‘claimed’ by mothers and children and thus snatched from the quiet, hard-working hands of those who seek a simple cup of coffee and somewhere to rest their work-weary feet. I don’t necessarily mean on here – but there’s been that stir about it in Tina We Salute You that’s played out on facebook. It feels unnecessary and as we live in Hackney – a place with one of the highest birth rates in the country – we should probably find a way not to discuss things in a way that suggests them and us. I work, have meetings, use coffee shops to do that and also to meet people socially. I also use them when I’m looking after my toddler and don’t suddenly transform in to someone part of any kind of ‘set’ to be largely viewed as an annoyance. The ‘Yummy Mummy set’ comment does tend to rile me a bit but essentially I don’t really understand why there seems to be a suggestion that life would be easier if we ghettoised coffee shops. Why we can’t all understand that there are different groups with different needs who need to share the same space. Sure, it annoys me when I arrive to meet someone and their toddler for lunch and all the tables are claimed by single freelancers using the internet, slowly draining their coffee and taking up valuable space. But then I remind myself that some days I’m that person and just deal with it. I do think coffee places etc should think about somewhere to put prams out of the way – I remember it being actually quite frightening on one of my first ventures out of the house with my new baby. She’s screaming, I’ve arranged to meet someone and I can’t see how I can get the buggy in let alone park it somewhere. People are looking it me, clearly thinking I’m a pain in the arse and christ I’ll have to breastfeed in front of them in a minute. Maybe I shouldn’t leave the house until she’s old enough to walk? I guess there’s just a tone in your post @quitepeculiar which suggests mothers and children are another, less desirable and somehow far too prevalent species and, oh god, they’ve got their hands on another nice place.

  11. That’s a rather brilliant post and I hope plenty of people read it. Bringing up children isn’t an easy task and a little tolerance and compassion from people we meet goes a very long way. God knows we need good coffee too.

  12. @hackneydoula and @mrdouglascarter, I’ve changed the original posting in light of your comments. It wasn’t my intention to view parents/children as one large mass to be avoided like the plague, and you made valid points that made me check my own conceptions based on my non-experience with children. I have no children of my own, and I have no brothers or sisters, so hence no nieces nor nephews, and so I have no idea what it’s like to be a parent. I’ve seen the sign in Tina’s.  Fred and Fran is a wonderful addition to the Hackney coffeescape that is comparable to that establishment but is very family oriented. There are ways of saying things and conveying ideas, and in my original post, I conveyed them poorly. My bad.

  13. Thanks @quitepeculiar . It’s so great to see discussion on here being positive and that we can all work together for coffee-related harmony! I know sometimes things come across online differently to intended and really appreciate you taking the time to respond and amend your original post. I do also understand where you are coming from and on my child-free coffee trips there is a part of me that kind of wishes there were places where I was guaranteed not to end up passing little Timmy his dropped teddy or making myself heard above an angry newborn. That’s when I head to a bar!”

  14. Feeling the Yeah Hackney love…!

  15. Lovely post, @quitepeculiar  Thanks for your response.Might see you down Fred & Fran some time.

  16. Thanks everyone for understanding my \humanity hiccup” if you will. 🙂 Back to the topic of Fred & Fran has anyone tried their cakes yet? I’m sort of keen but so far it’s just been the open-faced aubergine sandwich that I’ve tried (which again was delicious although probably more of a fork-and-knife job unless you want to watch all the toppings land in your lap). I haven’t had a look at their menu since I was in there last. Has anyone else gotten food from there particularly breakfast? I’m kind of hooked on Tina’s pancakes at the moment so it’ll be hard for me to be swayed away from those but Fred & Fran are on the way to work and it’d be good to hear more about the food side as well as other people’s experiences.”

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