framers in hackney

I need to get a print framed, has anyone been to any good framers in Hackney? I’ve found this place ADA on Amhurst Road but the Google street view of it has \closing down sale” written on the windows anyone know if it’s still there? Was going to take it on my way to work tomorrow but don’t want to carry it around all day if it’s shut down. And if it is can anyone recommend anywhere else??Thanks!!”


  1. also, I work on Kentish Town Road so if anyone knows any around there, that’s also helpful!

  2. also as cheap as possible is also good because I’m giving it as a present to someone who has recently pissed me off

  3. I’ve used the London Picture Centre on Hackney Road a few times- they’re good and fairly quick but not cheap cheap so it depends on how badly the recipient has pissed you off!”

  4. I’ve used Rays on Hackney Road – no framing is cheap but it’s not too bad.You’ll find Hackney Road is your best bet as the massive Simmons on that street is the place where everyone in north London buys the wood for the frames”

  5. There’s a new framing place that’s opened up on Clarence Road. Popped in there the other day for some glass and the bloke seemed friendly. A Turkish enterprise I think. It’s at the top end near Auntie Fatty’s.

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