Frame \pop-up” at Netil House”

Frame studios are taking a smaller version of their studios to Netil House for the month of February. We’re going to be offering a huge mix of Frame Signature Yoga Dance and Aerobics classes morning noon and night every day of the week to help whip you into shape… We are strategically placed on the 2nd floor to ensure a sufficient warm-up and handy closeness to Platform for a post work-out celebratory drink…be it water or whisky More at:

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  1. I love Frame! They’re expensive but their classes are great. Their Shoreditch location is good for me as it’s mid point between work and home but often feels a bit of a track for weekend morning classes. Netil House will just be a stone throw away! I do recommend their signature FRAME-WORK, FRAME-METHOD (ballet, pilates and yoga all mixed into one) classes. Also love their Music Video classes if you wanna learn some pop/urban dance moves to show off at the dance floor! They are taking requests for timetable right now!

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