Foxes in De Beauvoir?

I attended the De Beauvoir Association meeting on the 10th, which had a presentation by Kate Mitchell (Biodiversity Officer at Hackney Council) talking about ways to plans by the council to improve the number of types of animals across the ward.All fine and good, until somebody asked about those darned foxes.Apparently Mz. Mitchell has run across this question before, which has become extremely contentious.On one hand, many in the room found foxes to be simultaneously a nuisance, a public health concern and a threat to domesticated animals such as dogs and cats.On the other, some people quite enjoy the foxes and actually like their occasional presence in gardens and whathaveyou.Have you seen any foxes around De Beauvoir? Do you like them or loathe them? Do they worry you?Discuss below!


  1. I hear them quite a lot, and see them occasionally – but they never seem to come into my back garden (it’s probably too small for them!)Personally I have no problem with them: but I can see why people do (I know a neighbour found a dead cat in their garden which was pretty obviously killed by a fox, so if I had a pet I might be less relaxed!)DiP.S. thanks for setting up the group!

  2. @Diana — Eep! Cleaning dead cats out of one’s backyard can’t be very much fun, unfortunate for your neighbour. What do they sound like? Are they very loud? I can imagine that would get annoying if it’s frequent/loud/high-pitched enough… And no problem! I’m covering De Beauvoir as part of my MA programme at City University and I figured setting up a hyperlocal group like this would not only help me get in touch with people in the area, but also be quite fun as well. My goal in whatever I do is to help facilitate communication — and if I can find a few good stories out of it, all the better! 🙂 (And on that note — if you know of anything interesting or newsworthy happening in the ward, please drop me a line! I’m always looking for story ideas. Thanks!)

  3. I think the group is a great idea! Foxes are pretty loud, and sound between a bark and a scream, but you don’t hear them that often and it doesn’t last long. Used to see and hear a lot more in Wapping, but noise-wise they’re really not a big deal!

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