For sale?

Hello E5ers,

After a bit of a rubbish experience being gazumped before we completed on our little flat in Clapton, we’re back looking for somewhere again.

We’re on the books of all the agents, but I’ve heard a few good stories of successful private sales. No comission to be paid by the vendors and, with decent solicitors, a friendly and easy process…

So I was wondering if anyone out there is or was thinking of selling their place, or perhaps knew of someone who was? Our criteria is below, but perhaps if others are interested in the same thing, this thread could work for more broadly too?

We’re looking for somewhere in E5/E9, lower Clapton preferably, with at least a small amount of outdoor space for our cat.

If anyone knows of something like that, it would be great to hear of it!



  1. @natalie What a pain! But interesting to learn that people are still being gazumped in Hackney. I’ll keep my ear to the ground. Am I right in assuming you’re after a one-bedder? All I can suggest at the moment is to approach small developers – I know builders are finishing a Victorian conversion into three flats on Cricketfield Rd E5 (No.82 I think – brickwork just cleaned). I’ve no idea whether they’re intending to sell or rent, but it might be worth inquiring.

  2. Hi Ben,

    That’s a really good idea too about developers. I’m off to investigate!

    But yes, if you hear of anything else we’re really interested. One bed would be a min (i.e. not a studio) but if it came with 2 within our budget so much the better.

    In our case gazumping was the short story – it was actually a bogus developer who had sold the property twice using different agents, neither of us knowing there was competetion. Even though he agreed to our sale first (and to take it off the market) he signed with the first one to complete, the cash buyer. It was a really frustrating time because we’d paid for all the solicitors and surveying fees already. Anyway, bad experience but we’re trying to get back on the horse as they say. So thanks again for that, v interesting.


  3. I hope you were successful in your searches Natalie! I’m now in a similar situation – looking for a one bedroom with some outside space in Lower Clapton, but nothing really coming up at the moment. I will swing by any builders, but if anyone on here is (or knows anyone) interested in selling but wanting to avoid the hassle and expense of estate agents, do let me know! Robbie

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