FOR FREE: secondary glazing for sash windows.

Hi all, I recently made myself some double-glazed sliding sash windows, so don’t need my secondary glazing units anymore. And I really need to get them out of the front room! This is a long shot, but are they useful to anyone? I paid £600 for them a few years back and they’re quality units and really keep the draught out. Anyway, my windows are on the 2nd floor level of Clarence Road, so you’d need to have similar dimensions to my reveal: 1265mm x 1530mm. But you can always pack the frames out and then add a trim. Here’s a link to the company that made them: They’re free to anyone who can use them. Or perhaps someone can convert them into a mini greenhouse or think of another alternative use for them. Karl

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  1. I’ve just amended my old post above. Secondary glazing now going for free if useful to anyone!

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