Food for Health: Nutritional Cookery Course, Palm 2, 17/2/14

Food for Health: Nutritional Cookery Course, Palm 2, 17/2/14

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17th February 2014 – Food for Health Course

Visit: to book your place on our Food for Health Nutritional Cookery Course today!

Ditch the gym and the trendy diet: try something different for healthy living now that January is over!

Book your place on The Good Food Cookery School’s Food for Health course now, for a better way to look and feel good!

A four week cookery course centred around expert nutritional advice on how to eat healthier, feel better and lose weight!

Week 1: The basics in a bowl of soup
Week 2: Light bites, snacks and salads
Week 3: Mainly main meals
Week 4: Just desserts

Fun, relaxed, hands on classes, with no preaching! We want to give you the freedom to eat what’s right for you.

Lead by an expert nutritionist and a trained teacher and chef.

1 hour and 30 minutes, maximum 20 people per class, working in pairs where possible.

Eat what you made over a drink in our lovely space, or take it home with you!

Held in Palm 2 a local community food space and “…the best Deli in Hackney…”

Mondays 6pm or 7.30pm start times, £25 per session or Special Offer: £90, for all four weeks; booking essential.; 0203 332 7095; [email protected],,


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