Flood in Northwold Road

Bit of a public service announcement in case people are at work an haven’t seen this: 80 metres of Northwold Road is under water after a flood shortly before 2pm – so says Hackney Gazette. It’s more than a metre deep in places so it sounds major.
I’m on the look-out for pictures and any more updates.

17.40 update: Hackney Gazette now reporting on Twitter: Northwold Road flood latest – homes in Stoke Newington Stamford Hill and Clapton could be without water”


  1. I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but WOAH

    Upper Clapton

    Picture via @Shmeelitche on Twitter who has other good pics.”

  2. it reminds me of @chrisdb1 ‘s photos of Downs court


  3. Topical for me, I’m just finishing Dave Eggers’ Zeitoun. What section of Northwold Road is it?

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