Fixies just moved up a gear

This video was brought to attention by @kuxi chain on my fixie needs replacing more often than I’d like and I am forever adjusting it. If the new belt drive system requires less maintenance then I’m sold.


  1. I’m interested on how often you’re doing it and why you’re constantly making adjustments?As a rule i replace one every year but normally because it’s got too filthy and i can’t be bothered to clean all the filth off it. Only time i make an adjustment to the chain is when i’m changing the chainring or the cog for a different gearing.

  2. I also change it once a year but I adjust it once a month. I do this because I find it becomes slack, which is both inefficient and dangerous. To me this is a lot…and is the perfect excuse to buy a new bike 🙂

  3. Ahhh i see what you mean now, that’s just part of the joy of riding fixed, every month does seem quite a lot thoughAre you using track nuts or a chain tug?

  4. What can I say, it takes a battering! Track nuts. A chain tug might be the answer. Do you use one?

  5. I don’t but plenty of people swear by the Surly Tuggnut, it’s pretty expensive but cheaper than a new bike!

  6. i’d heard about them a while ago but a recent feature in cycling magazine put me back on track (ba-boom). the fixed gear models i’ve found so far…- schindelhauer viktor £1322- trek district carbon £3000 (the aluminum version is £850)- fixie inc. peacemaker £1149

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