Fitness 4 less

I know this might not quite be hackney…more tower hamlets…

Has anyone been to or used the Fitness 4 Less gym in Cambridge Heath? What do you think of it? Quite tempted by the £14.99 per month including classes



  1. I joined about a month ago & used it at least once a week so far.

    I’ve been fairly pleased with it, it can get busy in the early evening after work and the free classes are very busy as well. I haven’t been able to sign up for a class that I want to go to yet, it seems like you need to book about a week in advance.

    Overall though for the price I think it’s a pretty good deal. If you’re not sure call in & ask to be shown around.

  2. I went in the other do and I was pretty impressed and for £15 a month what not to lose!

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