Find your nearest planning applications with Hackney council app

Hackney council have launched a new service to find things near you, including planning applications. It’s called Find My Nearest and you can reach it here: Use the drop down to choose planning. I’m a little disappointed that I have to put in my full postcode to find anything rather than search borough wide. But it’s a good start and a move towards more open data in the borough.”


  1. Can you make sure any applications you want to discuss are as a new topic, so we can keep this thread on one topic – thanks

  2. This is excellent!  But I can’t seem to get it too work on my computer – anyone elese having problems?

  3. In case anyone is interested, Find My Nearest (FMN) and MapHackney 2.0 (MH2.0) should be a lot more reliable with regard to planning applications as of a couple of weeks ago. The odd application goes missing because of problems in the Planning Explorer (M3) application but some sample testing I’ve done recently suggests it’s pretty much spot on now. I’ve been liaising with LBH and feeding back niggles and they seem pleasingly keen to get it right.

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