Feature in the Hackney pirates Guide book

The Hackney Pirates’ Guide to Hackney: Featuring YOU?

Who we are

The Hackney Pirates is an exciting local social enterprise with high ambitions to change the educational landscape and the life chances of young people. At the Hackney Pirates we develop the literacy and creativity of children aged between 9-12 who have been referred to us by teachers and social workers so that they achieve both in school and in the world beyond.

What we think

The Hackney Pirates believe that education should be a great adventure! We think that one to one attention is one of the most powerful educational tools in the world and that having a grown up sitting next to you caring about every word you say can make a critical difference to how well you do in school. So we use the brilliant creative and caring people of Hackney to provide the extra minutes hours and days of attention that will make a real difference to the lives of the young people who live in our area.

How we do it

Here at Pirate HQ we support young people by giving them one-to-one attention in a weird and wonderful out-of-school learning environment in afternoon sessions every weekday. Volunteers support the Young Pirates with homework and reading and also in making a range of professional standard creative products such as films animations plays and websites with support from creative experts. We sell the great products they make at our events and soon in our own online shop because we think that everyone learns best when they can see the outcome of their work being valued by other people. You can see examples of our previous projects here and this is our latest product made last term by the Pirates a website called Inspire Me featuring a load of brilliant instructional videos.

Our Guide to Hackney and how you can help

Our next creative product is going to be a guidebook for Hackney featuring as many of the best aspects of the local community as we can bring together. We would like to invite you or your organisation to feature in our guidebook because we think you’re an example of the brilliant things that need to be shouted about from the Hackney rooftops (or crow’s nests). Unfortunately it’s hard for the Young Pirates to travel out of our space to come and see you so we would like to invite you or one of your colleagues to visit us so that we can find out more about you. Taking part will involve coming to Pirates HQ to give a short introduction to the work you do and to answer a few questions from the Young Pirates. The idea would be that by the time you leave us the Young Pirates would be able to write a short promotional article about you or your organisation to be published in the guidebook.

What’s in it for you

We want the guidebook to be widely distributed across the borough and it therefore will be a great opportunity for your work to be promoted through the eyes of local young people. Spending the afternoon with a bunch of Young Pirates is always quite fun too… Unfortunately we are not able to offer any sort of fee but you’ll hopefully leave with a spring in your step and a warm feeling in your soul.

What you need to do

Just email Camilla ( Camilla@hackneypirates.org) or call her on 07912 178 037 to find out more. Once you are ready to sign up it’s just a case of choosing a date for your visit. You can visit any weekday afternoon between 5pm and 6pm between the 21st January and Friday 22nd March. Whilst you would be more than welcome to stay for the whole hour you would only need to be there for the first 15 minutes if necessary so we hope that will fit into your busy schedule. Our address is 1-9 Downham Road and we are based right near Haggerston overland station.

You won’t be expected to run a workshop or manage the children (we’ll be doing that); the idea is just that the Young Pirates have a chance to meet you. However if you would like to run a short session based on your work you would be more than welcome and the more materials you could bring in to show the Pirates the better.

You will have the chance to talk everything through with Camilla before your visit. We really look forward to hearing from you!

A salute from

The Hackney Pirates