Favourite Hackney restaurants

Soooo many great restaurants in Hackney… it’s hard to choose! But at the minute I’m loving Thai Cafe on Northwold Road.


  1. Green Papaya has been one of my favourite places to eat for about 10 years http://www.green-papaya.co.uk

  2. Green Papaya has been one of my favourite places to eat for about 10 years http://www.green-papaya.co.uk

  3. I’ve always liked Tre Viet on Mare Street for Vietnamese. I was surprised that Time Out gave it such a poor review: http://www.timeout.com/london/restaurants/venue/2:1353/tre-viet

  4. I love Bistrotheque, and the Empress in Victoria Park. I found green papaya really disappointing, maybe I need to give it another try

  5. LMNT on a cold winters evening…http://www.lmnt.co.uk/

  6. Yeah I love Tre Viet too – used live opposite and go there all the time. And yeah LMNT has amazing decor! It’s a good kooky place to take visitors. I’ve never tried Bistrotheque or the Empress – shall have to pay them a visit!

  7. I love bistrotheque too, best brunch ever, although it’s not in Hackney, close though

  8. ‘Tad’ on Mare street has the BEST! Lamb Kofte, I’m in there all the time ordering the same thing each time. *double thumbs up*

  9. They should move Bistrotheque into Hackney! Love that place.

  10. I’ve never been to LMNT despite driving past it every day – I will go in soon

  11. Myself and @ewebber went to Tudor road supper club last night, hosted by Ben Greeno (@bgreeno). I have to say that it was some of the tastiest food I’ve eaten in a while. The combination of flavors was mouth shattering. I even ate snails, which when I think about it now makes me feel sick – but at the time they were delicious. I believe that its booked up until December but if you get the chance you must go.

  12. @hopsyturvy give green papaya another go – it isn’t fancy, but the food is good – tofu, aubergine and peppers in black bean sauce mmmmmmmmmm

  13. I ate in Namo (Vietnamese, Victoria Park) t’other day. Starter was one of the tastiest things I’ve ever eaten in my life (pork and prawn stuffed steamed squid with some chili and crunchy shredded veg). Main could only be a letdown after that. But overall, I’d certainly go back. Prices weren’t cheap, but not stupid pricey either: namo.co.uk.

  14. @hackneye agreed, Namo is good – they have a great crispy tofu and pancakes starter. I used to go when I lived in Vicky Park village and really must go back

  15. I reckon Little Georgia is one of Hackney’s gems. Really interesting food, ‘relaxed’ service, and free corkage. Hard to say better than thathttp://www.timeout.com/london/restaurants/venue/2:1910/little-georgia

  16. The only time I have been to little Georgia they forgot our breakfast order and after 2 hours of waiting got shitty with us for asking when it would be ready – the reply was maybe 40mins. So we left, I am yet to try any of their food and doubt I’d go back because of that experience, which is shame because I’ve heard good things about it.

  17. What a shame- when we went the place was packed but service was fairly quick (if not efficient). Was clearly attracting a mixed group of people, and we left very full.Oh, and Namo is still awesome. Has anyone tried A Little Of What You Fancy, in Dalston?

  18. Wow so many of my favourites mentioned here!Love both Green Papaya and Tre Viet, and Tad, as well as Cirrik by Hackney Central station…and Empress of India at Vic Park is lovely too – sometimes they do a half rotisserie chicken that is more like a whole one!I had dinner at The Old Ship on Mare Street once which was good as it prides itself on being really British, and from its tiny doorway on Mare Street you can easily miss it. Also the Pembury Tavern on Amhurst Road does cheap woodfire pizzas thanks to a new Italian chef that started just before Christmas, you often see his family eating there waiting for him!While it might not be the best place to eat in, Joy on Broadway Market does delicious takeaway curry, good price too!Little Georgia is cute and while they do great starters I didnt think that much of their mains.Viajante might be just outside Hackney, towards Bethnal Green, but it is a top class dining experience. They do a £25 lunch tasting menu where you don’t know what you’re getting and they bring you a series of divine dishes.

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