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A planning application has just been submitted for 88 – 96 Morning Lane Chatham Works (1, 2 & 3 Ram Place) Chatham Place  ( 2013/1825);“Demolition of existing buildings and erection of a part 8 and part 4 storey building and erection of a part 2 and part 8 storey building comprising an approximate total of 8026sqm (GEA) of retail (Class A1) floorspace 589sqm (GEA) of cafe and restaurant (A1/A3 sui generis) floorspace 835sqm (GEA) of mixed business and retail (B1/A1 sui generis) floorspace with 7 storey media façade refuse and recycling facilities cycle storage delivery bays roof terraces and plant with various landscaping and associated external works. ”Drawings not available yet – but does anyone know what they mean by “media façade”?Piccadilly Circus comes to Hackney?”


  1. Hi @benjamin I don’t know but your suggestion of something akin to Picadilly Circus would also be my assumption. The documents are still no on there, I have written to LBH to request that they are attached, this is an ongoing issue they have with in my experience documents never being attached when an Application goes live online, they assure me they are looking at alternatives.

  2. @damian yes, it usually takes about a week – which does seem a long time.

  3. The application drawings still aren’t available for viewing, but I came across an image in their display boards (board 6) which appears to show the media facade;

  4. This proposed development is confusing me. There’s an application (see above) to demolish 94-96 Morning Lane (the two shops they’ve recently painted black) and replace them with an eight storey building with media facade. But there’s also an application (2013/0724) to open up the two existing shops into one retail space over two floors – turning it into what appears to be quite a swanky shop – and build a new external lift at the rear.Why spend all that money if they’re hoping to demolish it? Anyway if granted it’ll look something like this;

  5. The drawings have finally come online. Here’s the Design & Access Statement.

  6. Still not wholly sold on this idea, but you can see the rationale. Westfield Stratford decided to forego the option of high end (in contrast to Shepherd’s Bush) so this could be seen as the high end appendix to that.

  7. I can see the logic given that Burberry were already drawing large numbers of monied customers to the area even when they were on their own. It makes sense to build on that and encourage them to spend more money in surrounding related shops. I just wish they’d opted to develop other sites in the locality before demolishing two of the more interesting period corner buildings on the road.

  8. Tweet from Hackney Council;\Planning permission for Hackney Fashion Hub has been granted.””

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