Fancy Dress where to buy ?

Hello everyone !So I am looking for shops that sell fancy dress accessories and party supplies. Do you know where I can find that in Hackney. I tried Party Party in Dalston but it was too late it was already closed so I’ll try again tomorrow.I’m also looking to buy some fabric like imitation fur or feather where do you think I can find that ? Thanks a lot ! André FYI: I’m trying to make a cockerel costume. if you have any ideas I’ll be glad to read them.


  1. Hi @frenchietrombone try Mermaid Fabrics in Hackney Central (bottom of the Narrow Way) for your fur

  2. This place in Old St is really good, I’ve used them a few times for different fancy dress occasions

  3. Hi there, the material stalls at the bottom end of Ridley Road market are amazing and cheap. Also if you have any connections to the Scrap project in Homerton, via someone who has membership (usually schools and charities – it costs!) there are amazing free things in there that make fabulous costumes…made my whole ‘mutant panda’ costume from mad  3D material i got there…

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