Faffilia Exhibition Thursday 7th June at The Darnley Gallery, Hackney, E9 6QH

We’re having an exhibition @ The Darnley Gallery, Hackney. The private view is on Thursday 7th June, we’d love to see you there!! What is Faffiillia?Faffilia– is a group exhibition, showcasing specifically made works from 5 people. A common theme was initially agreed in order to encourage a dialogue and set a creative process in motion. Sharing our works directly with each other via a blog we give each other inspiration and feedback and are open to lending ideas as much or as little as desired.Faffillia seeks to break free from notions of ‘analysis paralysis’ choosing to become the producer rather than the viewer or critic, to filter, process and arrange the faff into something to show and enjoy. Private view Thursday 7th June at The Darnley Gallery Hackney E9 6QH We would massively appreciate your company there!! http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/investment/-faffillia-art-exhibition-779