Eyebrow Threading

does anyone know of a good place in Hackney for eyebrow threading? A nice cheap hidden gem would be ace


  1. kingsland shopping centre – just inside the ridley road entrance — i think it’s £4 and always busy. on weekends they have about three women at a time.

  2. I’m going to bump this.

    Does anyone have a place they like to go, that won’t take too much off. I’m not too bothered how much they are, just that they are good.

  3. I can only think of Dalston shopping centre also. But I think there is a salon at the junction of the narrow way and Dalston Lane that has a sign for eyebrow threading also. I havent been there though.

    Or better yet, try Green Street, there are scores of eyebrow threading salons costing between £2-3 lol

  4. Thanks, I’m keen to get recommendations from experience if anyone has them, I don’t want to end up with sharpie eyebrows!

  5. I’m another one for the threading booth inside the kingsland shopping centre. Always affordable and she does a great job.

    • Great thanks, I will give her a go, quickly before they take over my face!

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