euros in Hackney

Anywhere know where I can buy euros in Hackney? Seems like you need to order in advance at the local banks. Ta!


  1. Any post offices – I get mine in the on on mare street.

  2. Banks don’t carry Euros? I’m sure HSBC does, although I could be wrong. The post office definitely will

  3. Not in Hackney but not far either (liverpool street). I’ve heard these guys always have the best rate:

  4. cheers for all that- Barclays on Mare St didn’t have any, but the good ol post office on Well Street did! ps. another good tip: the currency exchange bureau in the Jubilee Market at Covent garden always has great rates for euros too.

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  7. is a good place to look for the best rates. Without a trek into town, Thomas Exchange (aka Best Foreign Exchange) near Liverpool Street are usually a good bet – but as others have said, you will normally find the Post Office have them in stock without having to pre-order.

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