’Estate’ book launch at Pages of Hackney

April 5th 6pm – 8pm Fugitive Images have a presentation and Q&A at the wonderful Pages of Hackney Bookshop.Early in 2008, three months after the vote to transfer the Haggerston and Kingsland estate from Hackney council to L&Q housing association we began our work at the estate. Tonight we will talk about the process that led up to the publishing of Estate. The journey started via our I am here project, a photo installation where we exchanged 67 bright orange boards covering voids units at the estate with large-scale photographs of past and current residents. From there we developed our work by route of a number of presentations at TINAG, Urban Encounters, Tate Britain, and texts for Homecultures and Streetsigns. Estate emerges out of this long-term engagement on Haggerston & Kingsland estate. We will also show some short excerpts of film material we have started to shoot with residents on the estate.These events are well-attended so do rsvp to info@pagesofhackney.co.uk or 020 8525 1452 to ensure your place.I read this through in one evening and thoroughly enjoyed it, there is a good review here…http://www.fugitiveimages.org.uk/news/I also thought the first two chapters were excellent, the 50 or so photographs are of the Estate’s empty rooms left behind by residents and about to be bricked up for demolition; dirt, damp and discarded belongings. An 80 year old LCC estate at the end of its current existence and about to undergo a massive transformation. I found the Recent Archeology chapter a little heavy going, but overall a great read and a book I will keep as I know this area so well having grown up around there.