Espresso Hut, 46b Brooksby’s Walk

Can’t see anyone else talking about this so I thought I would. If you can’t mention something that opens up nextdoor to on here, then what can you talk about? It’s a nice place in a former flat (I think) opposite the hospital. It’s a good cup of coffee – as good as Venetia up the road in my view – and the guys running it, Duncan and I didn’t catch the woman’s name, are sound. They’re active on Facebook and I don’t think will mind me adding a pic here: Photo If anyone’s going down for a brew feel free to drop me a line (@psmith on twitter) as I will most likely be sat next door typing away.”


  1. Deep grey signage, scaffold board shelving, one decimal place pricing and a ‘tache –  they’ll do well in these parts.

  2. @patricksmithjournalist thanks for sharing, I hadn’t seen them and I always welcome a good cup of coffee. I will check them out when I’m next near there.

  3. We’ve been in a few times now. They’re off to a good start and have been especially patient with our three year old’s questions, need for the loo, etc. Talking to Duncan yesterday he also mentioned they’re going to start selling coffee retail once they get some extra grinders in.

  4. Gotta say this a wee gem alright. look forward to coming back again….mmmm cake 🙂

  5. Their sandwiches are very good, too. Lovely little place.

  6. am an espresso lover. espresso hut IS the best. have tried every cafe in hackney, & i can get technical about it believe me…. but i just want to say here that nowhere else does it with such good quality, with such style, with such a charming fabulous barista with long honed skills! thank you lovely people, long may you reign.

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