er…a bit of bother?

Am I really the first one to comment on the police helicopters, police in riot gear, etc.?


  1. I just walked down Clarence Road, it was really scary, a guy gave me a plastic cup of brandy though so that was nice. Community spirit ho ho ho.

  2. I feel saddened and disgusted with what I’ve been seeing from my Clarence Road window. I can’t see the main events from this end, but I’ve seen scores of people with bizarre carnival-like expressions on their faces.

  3. trying get home had to walk from islington, got turned back just before clarence road by a line of police. had to walk up round via clapton pond, passed broken glass and a burning bin. then saw some little scrotes kicking in the electric shop (Harris’s?) on lower clapton road.
    this was about 7pm, been having a twitter / riot party since

  4. It is really sad that they pick on local shops 🙁
    Also made my way back from Islington earlier and was stopped by Clarence Road but was advised to go South to avoid it.

  5. What a day. Hope you’re all okay. It just kicked off again over here (Lower Clapton Road).

  6. Damn. This really sucks.

  7. 16 police vans just showed up. Everyone fled. All clear again (for now).

  8. There’s been youths roaming round Clapton Square in the last hour or so, overspill from Clarence Road and Pembury Estate I guess. Some casually smashing car windows before setting 2 cars alight. Lots of riot police vans, and fortunately fire engines have put out the fires now. So scary, I can barely believe what I’m seeing.

  9. If you are not working this morning there is mass cleanups being organised by @riotcleanup (hash tag #riotcleanup)

    And I saw this tweet this morning from @MarksmanPub “Local Hope in Action: #RiotCleanup meeting at 10am at #Hackney Town Hall to support local retailers.”

    Website here:

  10. If you haven’t seen this video already, this woman seems to speak for all of us:

  11. can we keep up with things here please? i’m staying home again today. need milk! will any shops open? would love to help with clean up but will probably be warned off. there are still sirens – can you hear them too? amhurst road was quiet (nr dalston lane) and i hope will remain so. i have two sets of visitors this month from overseas and i feel embarrassed…

  12. Re clean up – i saw this :
    need confirmation of the 9am at hackney central please

  13. I don’t think I’ve ever been so afraid for what’s going to happen. If this doesn’t just stop soon we are going to see people hurt, even killed.
    Later there is going to be a huge clamour for massive restrictions to personal liberty and human rights; this needs to be resisted as much as these thugs and morons. We can’t let there actions ruin what is brilliant about this city and this country

  14. just been for a quick ride around Hackney. Mare Street looks pretty much back to normal, save for a bit more broken glass and horse shit on the street and couple of boarded up shop windows here or there – Eye Opticians (the small local one, of course) looked worst hit, and the sandwich shop next to HSBC has suffered badly too.

    Clarence Road has a few burnt out cars, but it looks like the council will have most of it cleared up by the time the @riotcleanup crew even convene (I’m in two minds as to whether it’s worth joining in).

    Lots of locals milling around the convenience store there though – it’s been totally ransacked. One woman told me that she saw the kid who kicked the shutters in calling for an ambulance for the cuts he’d got on his legs. But also she saw some people she recognised as neighbours coming out with stuff.
    I did stop to take a photo of the smashed window on the Lower Clapton Tesco, and someone pointed out that it had been like that pretty much since it opened…

  15. Sounds like the street cleaners have done a great job on the Hackney cleanup – but don’t forget our London Neighbours may need help too if you have the time.”

  16. @martin that tesco window has nothing to do with last night – but Harris electrical did suffer, which is a real shame. From reports on twitter Palm2 had their storage space broken in to.

  17. spread the word if you’re there. we need a plan for the future. reaction is great but pro-action even better. will tweet this now.

  18. I’d say at least 100 people turned up at the Town Hall this morning, which was fantastic to see. Someone (in charge?) told us that the council – and locals – had already done a good job of cleaning things up but that the streets of Clapham and Croydon still needed help.

    Before heading off there the vicar of St John at Hackney led us up Clarence Road and tried to get everyone to stand in a circle and have a minute’s silence in solidarity. Which was a nice thought except for when the tow trucks tried to drive straight through it.

    A lot of people then headed off south of the river but around 20 folk stayed behind to try to clear up the detritus left behind the few remaining cars which were being picked up by tow trucks.


  19. Is it just me or is the Hackney Citizen website down?

  20. There’s rumblings that things are starting to happen in London Fields/Well st. Anyone actually seen anything there?

  21. I’ve heard that the council workers have gone home and the lido is shut, but that is probably preventative rather than anything. But, I’d say that no one should plan to wander around late tonight.

  22. I hope that the clean up hasn’t been a big waste of people’s time :-S If it starts back up tonight SAVE PALM2!! <3 <3 <3

  23. Twitter is too full of rumours so i’ve come here.

  24. What do people think of the #anticurfew idea? Everyone going out in the street rather than staying at home.

  25. i’m all for people getting together like the turkish shopkeepers did! wtg, community! now…is something going on at london fields or not right now since i was about to walk over to pick something up from over that way.

  26. I was shut into the well st Tesco’s the shutters came down while we where told to continue shopping! Security where telling us that there where gangs coming up from mare st, all well st shops where shutting up but doesn’t look or sound like anything has happened since,,,

  27. <- currently planning on arriving back in London Fields around 6:45 on bike
    Twitter is making me nervous, hopefully just rumours at this stage…

  28. @goodlegs ditto

  29. I think it’s important to stay safe, but also to not live in fear – twitter ain’t helping!

  30. @ewebber do you have a fire in clapton?
    we can see smoke

  31. Not from where I’m sitting – but I can’t see much from my windows

  32. Just a thought, as we all love local shops on here does anyone know of any organisation that helps local shops in trouble? Say a charity or fund for any without insurance

  33. I second @dang1es ‘s sentiment. I’d also be interested in knowing which local independent shops have been affected and most need help. Particularly worried about Pogo and Pacific Social Club given the road they’re on. All the shops on Wilton Way looked safely shuttered up earlier today

  34. am i the only one wondering … if there’s nothing going on here tonight why so many sirens streaking by every 5-10 mins on amhurst road? (often two or three at a time)

  35. Pogo looked fine (but shuttered up) when I was down there this morning.

    When I got the bus up from Bethnal Green this evening, it was like a ghost town – pretty much everything shut, very few people about. I did bump into some folk on the corner of Westgate Street who were moaning a bit about not being able to get another pint or buy any fags. I think that’s the London I know (and love) – complaining in the face of adversity.

    I did see some Northumbria Police vans on Mare Street, and I’ve heard there’s some Welsh bobbies about too. @janice – on Sunday I heard loads of sirens all night, but I think they were heading further afield, so there might not be anything untoward in Hackney tonight.

  36. @dang1es @goodlegs I think the shop that was potentially hit the worst in Hackney was Clarence Convenience Road owned by a man named Sivaharan Kandrah.
    Here is a video of his story:
    Does anyone know what is happening with that business?

  37. I heard this morning from my local councillor that there is a solidarity vigil in the St John at Hackney churchyard at 12noon today. The gathering will be addressed by young people, the Speaker of Hackney, Meg Hillier MP and the Bishop of Stepney.

  38. @ewebber @goodlegs @dang1es I think Mr Kandrah mentions in that video that he has no insurance to cover the damage, so it looks like he’d have to build it up from scratch again. I heard calls on the news yesterday for some kind of emergency Government scheme to help out such businesses (as happened with banks on an obviously much bigger scale) but don’t know if anything will come of it. I was thinking of some kind of fund raising event that might at least help this poor man get back on his feet, and show that at least some people in this community care. What do others think?

  39. Damage to both domestic and business property is likely to be picked up by police authorities, in particular the Metropolitan police authority, under the provisions of the Riots (Damages) Act 1886, which specifies that where damage is caused by people \riotously and tumultuously assembled” local police authorities are required to compensate victims.

  40. I think raising some money to help the local shops is a great idea.

  41. Looks like BBC London are back in Clapton today, and will be doing a spot live on the 1.30 news.

  42. I just got back from the vigil outside St John’s. I was very pleased to see this message on a leaflet that was being handed out:

    \Support for Siva at City News 122 Clarence Road.
    If you can support Siva in any way please email:
    A fund is being set up to support Siva’s local business which was looted on Monday.
    Please email the above address if you would like further details.””

  43. @jason thanks for sharing that, have you been in touch yet?

  44. do you know if anything is being done for the Western Union shop at the top of Narrow Way?

  45. In order to make a gesture of solidarity with the whole community, rather than just the business community, we could all make a commitment to support the mass building of affordable housing in Hackney so that the less affluent members of our community can have a stake in society and not forced to live 3 adults to a bedroom or raise children in bedsits. The housing charity Shelter has a very informative site which includes a facility where you can insert your postcode and it will inform you of Hackney’s record in affordable housing provision and provide you with an email to send to your councillors. It’s very easy and takes just a minute;

  46. This via @monkchips on twitter:

    check out @riotrescue – matchmaking for small businesses affected by the riots and those that want to help them.”

  47. Even on a thread about the riots in hackney I can’t help but read more posts by @benjamin about house building.

  48. The vegan meetup group are having a meetup at Pogo on Sunday. I’m going.

  49. I’m just gonna add; as someone who has been the victim of a fire that destroyed everything I owned when I didn’t have much, losing everything is really hard, and that’s as a single person, not anywhere near as bad as someone with a family.

    Having the support of friends and family at the time got me through it. So I’m heartened to see that people so directly affected by the riots are getting so much support from the community.

  50. @ewebber I absolutely echo your sentiments, it’s heartening to see something positive after the madness of recent days. I tried emailing the address I quoted, but it bounced back for some reason. Anybody else managed to get in touch?

  51. @benjamin will do, thanks for the link

  52. I spoke to Siva today who had just 25pence to his name. He was smiling through his pain, telling me, ‘yesterday I didn’t think I could carry on, but I have had so much help, I feel I can now.’ I hear there is going to be a pop up shop in Clarence Road at the weekend to raise money. All profits from stall rental at Hackney Homemade market at St John at Hackney on Saturday will be given to Siva. We will also be collecting donations and providing tea and sympathy.

  53. Thanks for the info @janemacintyre

    Also… I had an email from our neighbours at Haringey Online with some information about supporting those in Tottenham and what’s needed there, they have set up a webpage here: and the council have one here:

  54. there was a collection box for siva at the charity shop on the narrow way. i put in a bit but it didn’t look too full yet. if you pass by… also have other shops done that?

  55. BBC report that \Under the Riot (Damages) Act of 1886 insurers and the uninsured could claim costs from police authorities”.
    So hopefully he’ll be OK.”

  56. @goodlegs Think.

  57. The collections across the affected areas are about more than money, they are also about support for people that must be extremely upset

  58. @ewebber Absolutely! I wasn’t suggesting that he and others didn’t need support, merely highlighting what I hope is some good news.

  59. Hello all, thought I’d come out of lurkerdom because I’ve been really concerned about Siva’s livelihood, too. Some people set this up to help Aaron Biber (the 89 year old barber whose shop was damaged in Tottenham) and it’s been HUGELY successful – could we do the same for Siva and spread the word?

  60. @clarabow it’s probably worth getting in touch with the person behind the leaflets first to see what they are doing and coordinate. But like @jason I had a bounced back email… hmmmm

  61. Volunteers needed urgently! We have someone (in New York) designeing a website, but we need help to design and distribute posters to raise money for Siva. Siva is the shopkeeper from Clarence Road who has lost everything. He will be on ITV this evening at 7.30pm. Please get in touch if you can help in any way. Jane 07956 934 768

  62. Hello all – new to yeah Hackney – hi Jane! I know quite a few high profile poets – we could put on an event – maybe next Thursday? can anyone recommend a large-ish venue near Hackney central we could use?

  63. HI Bea! That would be great. Yes I know a venue – St John at Hackney church. Get in touch, maybe we can talk about it 07956 934768

  64. has everyone seen which i am just about to tweet?

  65. @janice I know the guy behind that site – it’s had quite a lot of coverage

  66. Speaking loud and clear to rioters! Hackney resident, Pauline Pearce on Monday evening expressing sentiments I think we can all agree are admirable. Brave woman, if you see her smile!
    Your text for the link…

  67. been set up to to help much loved local Hackney shopkeeper, victim of the riots. Please donate and RT#helpsiva

  68. That’s absolutely brilliant – thanks so much to everyone involved in setting it up! Just one thing – has anyone told Siva? I won’t be in the neighbourhood for a few days but I think it would buoy him to know we’re trying to help…

  69. Yes, Siva knows about it. I just hope he manages to mention it on ITV tonight. Is also going to be mentioned in Evening Standard tonight. It would be amazing if we could raise the 50 grand he has lost.

  70. Jnae, I popped down to Pages of Hackney as I’d heard they were doing soemthing for Siva. Unfortunately the email isn’t work. I’ve emailed them, but it might be a good idea to pass them the details of the weblink.
    Thanks for setting this up!!

  71. Hi, it is All enquiries to this will now be directed to the website.

  72. Ta,

    When I spoke to the shop to check, they definitely told me it was ‘funds’ not ‘fund’ , small point I know but better to avoid confusion.

  73. It is fund. If you look on the Pages website they say this.
    Please spread details of the website now, rather than email as website has a donate button.

  74. Jane, @riot_rebuild is offering help repairing Siva’s shop – who should they contact?

  75. The direct link for the poster to download, print and distribute is here:

  76. I was twittering when it was all going off – Upper Clapton was remarkably unscathed – the Lea Bridge Roundabout seem to act as a barrier. When it was kicking off on Monday? I went down to Palm2, and they were closing up (unheard of) at about 6- I walked back and shops were closing down on the parade in Upper Clapton, apart from the unisex hairdressers – presumably rioters need to look good at all times. The only other place open was the Crooked Billet, so I went in and had a pint and watched riot tv. The shop by the station was closing down when I passed, I chatted to the guy who works there, he advised me not to walk too far up the Upper Clapton Road, I could see a gang of youths gathered at the junction with Northwold Road. There were a lot of people out by the shop, protecting it, I guess. They didn’t have to chase anyone off as the Turks did on Stoke Newington High St.

    There was a tense atmosphere, felt really strange, you could feel something in the air – bizarre.

  77. @saladefolle I did add the link to in the comments but they didn’t post it – pretty odd.

    @JaneMacIntyre have you thought about using a service like Just Giving like have done. It means partnering with a charity, but it also means that paypal don’t take a cut as well as tax payers being able to gift aid it.

  78. @ewebber very stupid of them, but then again they are the Standard…

  79. This is from the St John at Hackney mailing list:

    Dear FriendsJoin us for an afternoon tea on Clarence Road this Monday 15th August at 5pm. We will be meeting at 4.30 pm at St John at Hackney to move tables, please come and help if you are free.The tea is happening on Monday to coincide with the moment the riots started last week, this is a community event to reclaim the streets.This is being supported by Marks and Spencers, Hackney, and other local businesses.

  80. Jumble for the Rumble – Fundraising Jumble sale on Ridley Road today (Saturday)

  81. A friend who lives next to Rectory Road station said that a gang of youths tried to rob the ticket machine but were chased off by the feds.

  82. A friend who lives next to Rectory Road station said that a gang of youths tried to rob the ticket machine but were chased off by the feds.

  83. How was the tea party on Clarence Road, I would have loved to have gone, but I was stuck at work on the other side of that big river. does anyone have any photos? and @JaneMacIntyre or anyone can you tell us how it went?

  84. Some great write up and photos from yesterday:
    Clarence road tea party
    Photo by OhDearism

  85. The tea party was a great success. Lots of local kids drawing messages like ‘I love Hackney’ in chalk on the pavement and hoola hooping with Marawa the Amazing. Marks and Spencer provided the tea and cake, but lots of local people also contributed their own homemade cakes. And another 300 pounds was raised for local shopkeeper, Siva towards the Help Siva Fund ( Great to see the street where something so dark had happened just a week before being reclaimed by the people who live there. I tweeted about it yesterday @JaneEgginton and put up some pictures.

  86. I really enjoyed the tea party, the kids seemed really happy. We should have such events more often, it brought people together.

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