Energy plans to change the face of the Pembury Estate

\Pembury Application Progress Summary (on 12th Nov 2011)Application Registered: 18-10-2011Comments Until: 14-11-2011    Add Comments Here Application Number:  2011/2618 Site Address: Pembury Estate Hackney E5 8JWApplication Type: Full Planning PermissionProposal: Installation of external insulation on 28 blocks in the Pembury Estate.Current Status: REGISTEREDApplicant: PeabodyAgent: Indigo Planning LimitedWards: Hackney Central (H)Case Officer / Tel: Sade Olokodana  020 8356 8095Planning Officer: Sade Olokodana These are plans to clad the Pembury estate in energy saving boards is causing a stir amongst some residents who don’t want the 1930s building covered up. More over here: a facebook group set up by local residents here:


  1. I’m generally in favour of most environmental measures, but I think I’m swaying towards opposing this as it really does architecturally ruin what is a very good example of 1930s social housing.I also find it puzzling that the new 12(?)storey block for the south of the estate is supposed to be clad in anachronistic brick in \sympathy” with the 30s brick blocks. It sounds like two different departments not consulting with each other.

  2. Peabody (Owners of Pembury Estate) is proposing that, through external insulation home owners can save up to £150 per annum. The summary of the building application ‘2011/2618) The external work will after fitting be covered with render and paint. Which will cover up majority of  the Brick work. In the application it is claimed that the finish will not change the look of the Estate, even though the brickwork will be covered up. The brickwork of the Old Pembury Estate is a legacy not only to Hackney but also to British Architecture. The buildings within the Old Pembury estate are some of the finest most detailed masonry buildings around and a grand elegant example of 1930’s Architecture. Not apposing innovation and efforts to improve environmental values of housing which could leave the tenants with more comfortable homes and also save them money, this suggested alteration is poorly thought through and rushed only to obtain money though a grant. A few points to note;Planning application: 1)   The application was handed in last minute with several components missing or delayed(Visuals)2)   The planning application does not show the complete finish in detail, nor does it detail its expected state after 1-3-5 years.3)   Site notices required by the application process was not placed on site on time, and the dates on the notice has been backdated, starving the objection process with several days.4)   Majority of the residents in the estate has not been informed about the planning application. General concerns: 1)   Windows in the estate are poorly fitted and very inefficient, by focusing on these many homes would be a lot better off.2)   Figures stating the calculated cost saving per household is based on different type of buildings (single brick vs. Double width)3)   Material and process has never been tested or ever used in London(potentially in the UK) before. As such this raises concern to ‘try’ this method on such a large estate(28 buildings)  in one go.4)   Maintenance cost is not included in the calculation for e.g. Wear and tear, vandalism and graffiti as such the above calculations is not true.5)   Alternative proved solutions , such as cavity insulation, are out there but have not been considered /Jason

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