I need a sparky to sort out my dodgy lights and broken towel rail. Does anyone know someone who is great and reasonably priced?Thanks


  1. Sorry, just noticed :0

    Tjaden on Chatsworth Road are very good but not the cheapest.

    There is also David Nestor (his mum still lives on Clifden Road) 07939 090 494

  2. @simone thanks, I am still looking for one – which translates to I haven’t really done anything about it.

  3. I’m going to bump this as I really need an electrician soon, anyone have any other suggestions?

  4. Hello, I am using a guy called Louis Leon for my own house project, he’s good to work with, although he may not be interested in very small works.  This is his email lacontracts@btinternet.com.  Iif you say you got his details from George of Bradley Van Der Straeten architects.Cheers”

  5. @simone David is coming over to check my electrics later! I’ll let you know how it goes.

  6. David came round and sorted out my lights, friendly guy and came round the same day that I called him. He’s now also listing on yeah! Hackney too if anyone wants to check out more about his company http://www.yeahhackney.com/local-businesses/show-local-businesses/99/Technical-Electrical-Solutions-Ltd/Electricians/

  7. I’m glad David worked out!

  8. I’ve just had David from @teslondon over for a straightforward job- he was prompt, quick, friendly and reasonably priced. Thanks to @ewebber and @simone for the recommendation!

  9. I can highly recommend Kristal (http://www.femaleelectricianlondon.co.uk). She’s local and did a periodic inspection report and some fault-finding for me. Very professional and thorough. She’s also becoming corgi-registered later this year so can do gas inspections and I think she also does plumbing.”

  10. Thanks guys, going to try these out.

  11. Thanks guys, going to try these out.

  12. Hi,I’m looking for an electrician but aware that these replies are quite old and teslondon are based south. Anybody got any experience of a cheap, small job electrician in Clapton?Fran

  13. @Franceshwilson The most recent job I had done was by Athena http://www.yeahhackney.com/local-businesses/show-local-businesses/132/athena-electrical-ltd/electricians, based in Clapton, it was Miho that came round. She was great!

  14. Great, thanks ewebber! I’ll give them a shout.”

  15. We’ve used Tom before, he’s local and him and his brother are jack-of-all-trades – 07789 422348.I’ve also just met the very nice Paul Elliott who lives in Yorkshire but has a niece living in the area and is coming down very regularly at the moment to do a lot of different jobs at yorkshire prices – 07751821370/paul.trician@hotmail.co.uk

  16. I’m using Tom at the moment – and he’s booked up for the next week or two! :p So far recommended – and he was recommended to us by neighbours in Clapton.

  17. I’m using Tom at the moment – and he’s booked up for the next week or two! :p So far recommended – and he was recommended to us by neighbours in Clapton.

  18. Hi there, just a note to retract my previous recommendation for Kristal (http://www.femaleelectricianlondon.co.uk). We’ve been trying to book her for the last 3 months or so and have made 5 appointments with her none of which she’s turned up for (and only let us know she wouldn’t be coming on 2 of those occasions). Not sure what’s up and would have gave up long before 5 attempts if I didn’t rate her from the previous job she had done.”

  19. So, Kristal apart is there a more recent recommendation for a local sparky who can come around and fix my bathroom pull-cord light and another couple of electrical related problems? M.

  20. Cheers Emily. Done.

  21. Thanks to all at Athena Electrics. Swift, fuss-free service and they arrived bang on time. Superb!

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