Eat My Breakfasts: Pop-up Takeaway Breakfasts

Andy Bates is well known around Hackney (and beyond) for his pies, he is starting a new venture Eat My Breakfasts, a takeaway breakfast pop-up. I asked Andy to tell us more:

Can you introduce yourself.

My name is Andy Bates, I am the Owner of Eat my Pies and do a bit on the telly now & then. I also have a book out. 1st series was around the uk, 2nd series around America covering streetfood & Pop up Events my beloved little company my book (shameless plug… Apologies)

What inspired you to start a breakfast pop-up?

With the British cafes sadly closing down at an alarming rate my team & I wanted to try something new and what better way to start your day with British Inspired flavours!
There’s so much going on in Hackney at the weekends and we thought that our little kitchen would be an ideal start to the weekend. Especially if you’ve had a bit of a late night and need refueling.

Hackney is rife with Food pop-ups and food markets, why do you think this is?

It is a great area with lots of enterprising artistic people. This will always bring new ideas & trends from the people that live here.

What’s been your favourite and why?

Broadway Market. Not just because I’ve a stall there but its the best market in London. You can spend a whole day there, so much to do. I recommend it to anyone!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Yes, #EatmyBreakfasts! We are take away only at present, a stones throw from Dalston and Mare St, situated on Pembury place E5. We are Bicycle friendly, bring your bike in whilst you wait for your order.

Starting this Saturday 2nd Jan  8-12
Pembury Place E5, opposite the Pembury Tavern 3mins walk from either Hackney Central or Hackney Downs


  1. Best news of January! Those scotch eggs are A-MA-ZING…

  2. A 5 minute walk from my house…. dangerous (and delicious).

  3. The breakfast box has the tastiest food.
    Really feel good eats they are.

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