East London Science School

Hackney parents may be interested to hear that a new school – fingers crossed – will be opening in 2013. East London Science School will be an 11-18 mixed science specialist non-selective grammar school. We’ve made it through to the interview stage at the Department for Education this month and we plan to open in September next year. But we need to keep up the momentum and demonstrate that there is a real local interest in the school. We’re keen to sign up prospective parents or 6th formers. As a member of the proposal team I am also happy to answer any questions that people might have. You can find out more and most importantly register your interest here.”


  1. Interesting. I’m assuming that you aren’t going to focus entirely on Science. How is this school going to be different from other schools that have special Science status? (there are Technology Colleges, or academies that have History focus etc).Are you recruiting teachers? I might know some science teachers who would be interested.

  2. The school is very much teacher-led. There is a commitment to teaching the three sciences, a rare offer these days. The principal is currently Head of Science in a state school and a well-known critic of the way science is currently taught in schools. But more broadly there is a commitment to subject-based teaching. The aim is to give kids the best academically grounded secondary and sixth-form education, rather than one that is narrowly technical or vocational. We’re not recruiting yet but we will be if/when we get the go-ahead from DfE.

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