East London Mornings, The Art guide to Hackney Breakfast spots

Here is a nice project from Katya Katkova with photos, illustrations and guides to cafe’s in and near to Hackney

Hello and welcome to the art guide through morning Hackney! In our Starbucks era it is difficult to imagine place within London’s two central zones innocently free from high-street coffee-chains and busy capital madness. But this place exists. The home of musicians artists photographers and all those creative types for whom nine to five is not an option. Nice warm ambiance of hidden independent coffee shops – old wood tables chalkboard menus light and airy rooms country-style cups wood fire candle-light soft furnishings and paintings the bitter smell of coffee retro music chocolate brownies – the way to spend a cold January afternoon or a hot July morning. This project is a gratitude from artists to the borough which gives us so much inspiration. We explore East London street by street make art notes and share nice spots for late morning coffee interesting talks and work. Love needs to be shared!

More at: http://www.eastlondonmornings.com/


Illustration © Stuart Kinglough 2011; Photographs © Katya Katkova 2011″


  1. londonforinsiders - 16 May 2011, 1:18 pm

    Oh that’s stunning. Mind if I share it on the blog and reproduce (with credit a couple of illustrations?) http://www.londonforinsiders.com

  2. ewebber - 16 May 2011, 1:23 pm

    It’s not mine, you’ll be best off getting in touch with the website

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