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I recently had the chance to visit E5 Acupuncture to help relieve some back pain, I’d heard about Sean Cleere before and had seen some flyers around the local area. Intrigued I found out from his website that he has worked as far as India working with both yoga students and grass routes organisations. He is now bringing affordable acupuncture to the people of Clapton. I caught up with Sean to find out a bit more. 


What is unique about E5 acupuncture?

E5 Acupuncture is set up to make high quality Acupuncture available at a more accessible price. The clinic is split into 3 treatment pods, so that I’m able to treat more than one person at a time, whilst maintaining privacy and quality. It’s not about compromise, it is high quality, low cost. Acupuncture for everybody

What made you start it?

All of the above really. I enjoy working with as many people as possible. To provide treatments in a way that people can come back when they want/need to rather than when they can afford it. That way people can have multiple treatments for the price of one


You work in other areas of London, what made you open your clinic in Hackney?

We moved to Clapton 2 years ago and completely fell in love with it. Since then I’ve been waiting for the right space to come up, specifically a space above Palm 2! It’s a real Privilege to work within your own community.


A lot of people are new to acupuncture, what can they expect from a session?

The first session will start with a questionnaire which I will go over with the patient. Then very small thin needles are placed at different points in the body (the most common are in the arms and legs) and generally left for 20 minutes or so whilst the patient relaxes on their treatment couch. It’s not painful, most people fall asleep!

What advice would you give to anyone else looking to open a business in the area?

To just begin. It’s an incredible area, vibrant, diverse and exciting. Everything you need is nearby, all the professional help I’ve needed has been carried out by local tradespeople

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E5 Acupuncture is located above Palm2 at 152-156 Lower Clapton Road. You can also follow it on facebook

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  1. I’ve been going to Sean on-and-off for a couple of years now and am so happy he has this lovely space in Clapton. Sean has helped me with long-term muscular problems and relieving pain to such an extent that I no longer need to take medication. I admit (don’t tell Sean) to being a sceptic of acupuncture but I cannot deny that despite no changes to my lifestyle, my hormonal system has radically improved since having regular needling with Sean, following two years of painful and unsuccessful treatment from the NHS. Without Sean’s vision to offer acupuncture as an affordable treatment, I would not have experienced these benefits so I urge you to give Sean a call. Oh, and he’s great at sending you to sleep too! (nothing personal Sean)

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