Dunya (now Dom’s Place) on Lower Clapton Road

Quick review on the Londonist about Dunya on Lower Clapton Road.£1.5o for a Lahmacun I’ve never actually been in but I clearly should! I do of course have a (rather snowy) photo of it though Dunya Lower Clapton Road Photo from London Shop Fronts More here:  http://londonist.com/2011/10/whats-for-lunch-dunya-clapton-pond.php


  1. Dunya is currently undergoing a complete revamp.It will still be run by the same people but will have a seating area in the front and an ocakbasi towards the rear.

  2. That’s a relief, as I think Neden Urfa around the corner on Downs Road closed recently, and I was worried to see Dunya all covered up. Think it’s a smart move to focus more on the ocakbasi side of things.

  3. That’s a relief, as I think Neden Urfa around the corner on Downs Road closed recently, and I was worried to see Dunya all covered up. Think it’s a smart move to focus more on the ocakbasi side of things.

  4. Makes total sense really. Ocakbasis in Dalston and Stokie are ten a penny, yet there’s nothing in Clapton. Now there’ll be two after 165 LCR planning app was granted.

  5. Just had a peek inside the new shop. Quite a transformation – they’re certainly aiming at the new young affluents. I don’t know if they’re keeping the name, but they said they were aiming to open on the 14th.

  6. Hope so….then again a visit to Dunya often left me feeling cheated for some reason.

  7. Noticed a new sign in the window – I think it’s going to be renamed ‘Dom’s Place’.

  8. I saw that too. And it seems like the front will feature that ubiquitous Farrow and Ball grey that seems to be everywhere! To be honest I’ve had a few trips to Dunya over the years and always eaten pretty well but it looks like we’ll soon be spoilt for choice round here.

  9. I was walking past the other day having a bit of a nose and got invited in to have a look round. A fella called Danny from Chatsworth Road was working on the interior, had made all the furniture himself and done all of the artwork. I think the design will polarise opinion but fair play to the owners updating the place to appeal to new residents and good luck to Danny on any future projects! The wood fired grill looked very impressive!

  10. @jimmytcase I think you’re right about the design polarising opinion, but I reckon it’s probably a wise move in business terms. I noticed that they’ve postponed their opening ’til Friday when \the first drink is on us”! And good luck to them.”

  11. I assume the prices will also be updated to reflect the new demographic they’re appealing to?

  12. Dave Hill’s Clapton Pond blog has a piece on the newly opened Dom’s Place;Dom's Place Photo from http://davehill.typepad.com/claptonian/2013/10/from-dunya-to-doms-place.html @ewebber should the title of this thread be amended to avoid confusion?”

  13. I went past on Saturday night and there was a bouncer stood outside. Which was odd.

  14. If they sell alcohol it’s probably a condition of the license.

  15. Why would that be, though? Plenty of places on LCR and UCR sell booze sans bouncer. Is it some condition attached by local residents groups?

  16. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Licensing, but could be a ploy to make the place look \edgy”.”

  17. I can’t see anything on their Licensing conditions so possibly a choice of Dom’s place themselves.”

  18. I hope they have improved on the menu too.

  19. @thoracic2 you can just about read the menu on this fuzzy photo I took Doms place menu

  20. Ahh thanks Emily!  Much appreciated.A smaller menu is better sometimes.

  21. Such a shame it isn’t that great, service in particular and strange wine measures – 125ml or 500ml!!

  22. 7.50 for a wrap seems far too steep for me whether they serve climpsons or not. I think I’ll wait until the one further down LCR opens.

  23. What? No Lamachuns for £1.50 anymore? I miss them so much. mmmmm

  24. £7.50 a wrap in Clapton??? That shows how much the area changed..!

  25. I know! that’s just daft! I want to pay for something I couldn’t have easily made myself at home. Wraps became so trendy, the people on that bandwagon but be raking it in and laughing. It’s just flat bread with a bunch of stuff in it, rolled over and wrapped! No mystery!

  26. Just got a takeaway from there the chips were lovely real chips with potato skin on.The wrap was haloumi and peppers and not enough filling especially cheese for £7. I don’t eat meat and don’t like paying so much for veggie options. – Or just put more food in, please!Good for them to change it if they think it will get more customers. I’m sure the menu will evolve as people ask for certain things.I would definitely go back for chips.I haven’t eaten in there yet – looks quite nice. Better than fluorescent lights and white tiles..

  27. The price for a haloumi and falafel wrap has DOUBLED??

  28. I also had a veggie wrap and as much as I like the place itself and the quality of food, I have to agree its unnecessarily overpriced. Mind you, it’s hardly the only gentrified eaterie in the area to be guilty of over pricing! Hopefully they’ll find the right level and I’ll be tempted back again.

  29. Recently had an excellent impromptu dinner here with four adults and four under 3s. The staff were super-helpful, even fetching an extra highchair from a cafe up the road. It’s more expensive than a dodgy post pub kebab but the meat was good quality and tasty.

  30. Been there a few times now, I do like it, the wraps are awesome, but on the pricy side – the owner, Anthony, is a really nice bloke too.

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