Dudleys Department Store

I’ve been trying to find out about Dudleys Department Store (built, opened, closed etc) in Kingsland High Street and can’t find anything about it. Does anyone know about it or where I can get info on it? I remember going in there when I was very young it seemed enormous. I quite like the way they have the exterior painted at the moment.


  1. This was on the corner of the Crossway, right? Doesn’t look like there is anything immediate around on the net

  2. @traxcitement I’m going to post your photo for contextDudley's Department store

  3. Thanks, for those who are unfamiliar with the building the whole of the ground floor was one big department store with several entrances including one in Crossway; I would like to see a photo of how it once was. As you say @ewebber nothing much on the internet about it.

  4. In the book ‘Hackney Stamford Hill To Shoreditch’ there is a photograph from 1905 which shows ‘Z. Dudley Drapery House Of Cheapness’ at 4 continuous shops in Kingsland Road at no.s 121 – 127. I would imagine that this could be the same Dudleys as the Dept. Store.

  5. There’s a \major development” planning application for this site (2011/0845) – conversion into offices flats 18 unit HMO multi-purpose function hall….”

  6. Thanks @benjamin I can’t see anything in the application on the exterior of the building, there are no elevation drawings and nothing is mentioned in the D&A statement so hopefully it won’t change too much if this application is approved; I hope they keep the style of windows and restore the old clock.

  7. I’m guessing this is a pretty low-end development and that all the windows will be replaced with uPVC. I seem to remember there being some interesting arched windows on the Crossway side of the site.

  8. I was taken to Dudleys as a child in the early 50’s.
    It was one of several departmental stores in Hackney.Have you tried either searching on line or visiting the Hackney Archives Dept. You may well be pleasently supprised at what they might have on Dudleys. If you visit in person, you do need to make an appointment first.Good Luck.

  9. @lincsgent I think Hackney Archives are still closed, they are in the process of a move to Dalston Junction’s new CLR James Library.
    I did find a picture from 1955 on the LBH website it shows the original shopfront, there is also a sign (possibly illuminated) above the old clock. It is taken from almost the same position as the one I took above.
    You can get to it here…
    click on ‘All Locations’ and select ‘Kingsland High Street’ and then ‘search’ then look at image 10.Kingsland High Street c1955
    @benjamin the photograph shows the arched windows you mentioned in Crossway.

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