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Does anyone recommend a good/honest driving instructor in Hackney? I’m a good driver (been driving for 14 years) and I need to pass my practical driving test here in the Uk. I can’t drive anymore with my international license and I’ve had really bad experiences with BSM and AA (the instructor ended the lesson early and when I complained to costumer service he denied it). His name was George Steward in case you ever come across him. So a good recommendation would be much appreciated it.Thanks!


  1. Try TSM on Chatsworth Road. Ask for Steve. Funny chap, but a good instructor I think. http://www.192.com/atoz/business/london-e5/driving-schools/t-s-m/8629cceaeeffca1db5d1cf428397d110a5fa7a11/ml/

  2. I just passed my test, I used this chap: http://www.kissdrivingschool.com/locations/london/tottenham/ I found Nick a nice guy easy to get on with and got me up to speed quickly. Instructing style was co-operative which suited me. Rates were very reasonable.”

  3. Thank you both for the recommendations, I will check them out!

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