Dreyfus Cafe

‘New coffee shop and bakery coming to Clapton Square in May 2012.’https://twitter.com/#!/dreyfuscafe@nightboat is this you?


  1. It is indeed. Hi!

  2. Please keep us up to date with progress! I’m another Clapton Square resident eagerly awaiting another lovely cafe on the doorstep. We’re pretty spoilt around here with Pacific Social Club and Railroad close by but there is always room for another great coffee place. Can’t wait!

  3. @nightboat – very excited watching the developments as a near next door neighbour. Looking great so far! In terms of colour, I’d prefer a paler shade over dark. Anything Farrow and Ball.. (what a snob!!)

  4. Wilkinson’s have a lovely magnolia you may want to check out?..

  5. Actually, it’s not paint colour that’s preoccupying me the most at the moment… I’ve got a bit of a conundrum. If you look at the shopfront from Clapton Square, you can see that the floor level of both the cafe and retail unit are raised a fair bit from the pavement – more than is normally the case. This is because of the basement where the cafe’s kitchen will be. (I had the choice to level with the pavement, but that would mean kissing goodbye to the basement. No basement would mean no commercial kitchen, which would mean severely limiting my food offer.) I’d like to invite suggestions as to the preferred way of treating this space. The retail-unit entrance is here, and next to that is a secondary cafe entrance, which is supposed to be for wheelchair-users. (The main entrance will be the same as it was for Apollo Videos). One idea is to have a couple of steps, with separate detachable disabled ramps to enable wheelchair accees when needed. Another is a permanent concrete or tiled ramp, but I worry that this will be too obtrusive, view-wise. Another solution is a decked terrace with built-in ramps, which would be great for al-fresco tables but would look even more obtrusive and I’m sure wouldn’t go down very well with… well, anyone, really. So, what do you think, folks?

  6. (duplicate from other thread) do you have an option of having a temporary ramp under building regs? If so why not just start with that – if demand is strong enough that it becomes an issue it shouldnt cost a fortune to get a permanent ramp built. Or you could have an internal ramp up from ground level? You’d lose a bit of head height in the basement but that wouldnt be a major issue if it isnt a main walkway or gets in the way of the plant down there.

  7. Remember an internal ramp would probably mean your door would have to open outwards.

  8. Unfortunately we can’t have an internal ramp, for a variety of reasons. At the moment I think I’m inclined to go for the steps-with-portable-ramp option simply because it’s the least obtrusive. I’d love to hear from a wheelchair-user, though, before coming to a final decision – it would be useful to have their input.

  9. @nightboat try getting in touch with these guys http://apps.hackney.gov.uk/servapps/CommunityDirectories/Details.aspx?OrgID=6925 who might be able to help”

  10. I agree that the least obstructive option is preferable but definitely try to get the opinion of a wheelchair user. The cafe is looking great – I live on the square and am extremely excited that a cafe is opening on the corner. I really like the grey colour. Will you be keeping some of the exposed brickwork inside? Hope the flats are coming along well too – it’s such a great location to live in – so much going on. Really hope you manage to find a good tenant for the retail unit – something foodie would be ideal!

  11. @ewebber Thanks for the tip! @morriap Thanks for your kind words. I should point out, the grey paint is just primer – it won’t be the final paint colour. I was thinking lime green for the retail unit and fuschia pink for the cafe. (Not really.) The flats are nearly ready! Exposed brickwork, I haven’t decided yet. It’s a bit New York, isn’t it? That’s the problem – nothing wrong with New York, of course, but I was thinking of a more European aesthetic.

  12. I think the exposed brickwork looks really cool actually, maybe it would still work with the look you have in mind?

  13. What exactly is a European aesthetic when it comes to cafes? Not quite sure what type of look that is! It’s all looking great. I can’t wait for you to open. It will be a great addition to Clapton Square!

  14. Sort of like a Viennese or Budapest Coffee House? That would be rather grand…!

  15. From Dreyfus Cafe Facebook;\Pleased to say our official opening date is 24 September. We may have a hush-hush soft opening a few days before so keep your eyes peeled!””

  16. I popped into Dreyfus yesterday for a very good espresso during the first day of their soft opening. Also open today, but only from 10am-1pm (I think).

  17. Brilliant! The new sainsburys is also now beginning to look good – such a change from the old depressing co-op. The whole strip now looks completely different.

  18. @morriap Yep. The Sainsburys shopfitters said they’re supposed to finish tomorrow and the shop open next week sometime. This stretch should really flourish now – it’ll be good to see the surrounding empty shops fill up soon (hopefully).

  19. Thanks @benjamin, glad you enjoyed the espresso. I’m really happy with the head barista and chef I’ve found and I think people will be pleased with the results of their labours. We’re still in soft-launch mode at the moment, but the full menu will be available next week from Wednesday. And don’t forget, we’re open all weekend but closed on Tuesdays.

  20. i walked by and noticed some cakes being stored on the counter. i wasn’t sure if you were open but congrats anyway and hope all goes well. will drop in and sample something very soon, perhaps when the sainsbury opens – make an outing of it!

  21. Thanks @janice.

  22. Just had lunch here- great sandwiches, good coffee, friendly staff, cool decor. All it needs is free back rubs and we’d have the set!

  23. Thanks @mattyc!

  24. Had eggs benedict there for breakfast…very nice.

  25. Been there a few times now – lovely cafe.

  26. We can not have an internal ramp for a variety of reasons. At that moment, I think the steps that I tend to go with a portable ramp option, simply because it is least obtrusive. However, I would like to hear a wheelchair user, before a final decision – which would be useful, to have their own input. Trusted central Heating Repairs London

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