Dress-up Halloween Cabaret at Stoke Newington International Airport

Dear Hackney livers and lovers, Allow me to extend to you an invitation to our most horrible and wonderful Halloween Dress-up Cabaret.  It’s us that do the cabaret, and you that do the dressing up.  Wear whatever, but make it fantastic! The amazing Minima start things off with a live re-score of Nosferatu, We’ve got 3 live bands, a whole cabaret of halloween themed gems, a room full of strange games to enjoy (or not) such as the dark tunnel of doom, and the Let’s All Get Burnt at the Steak game featuring a giant fake fire to martyr yourself upon. Plenty of good booze including a beautiful local ale from redemption brewery, some pumpkin soup, hopefully a Korean street bbq, and only the lord satan knows what else. SATURDAY NIGHTLeswin Place N16 7NJFIlm starts at 8pm don’t miss it See you there STK X


  1. SATURDAY 29th of course

  2. Oh! How long will this be going on until? I get out of work quite late.

  3. Quite late

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