Door to door milk delivery

We had a chap come to our door a couple of weeks ago to get us to try out doorstep milk delivery in glass bottles, and we duly tried it for a week. I have no complaints, the milk is lovely and the service excellent, so we have continued to receive it…but we have no idea where the milk comes from – either geographic location nor company! We have no way of contacting them except for leaving notes in our empty glass bottles (how old skool!) and would feel better if we knew it was a local farm. We haven’t even paid them yet! We were told we could write them a cheque but have no idea of the company name! Perhaps I’m just too used to websites/email addresses and this leads to my slight unease…Anyone else receiving milk and know how to contact them?


  1. Local farm? You do realise you live in London, don’t you? Sounds like a good idea though.

  2. @rushmorer Do you know how much they’re charging you per pint? I’m surprised there’s any margin to be made without charging a small fortune. I guess they’ll knock on your door at some point asking for a cheque.

  3. @rushmorer there are a couple of posts on the site that might help you track them downThis one: and this one: You could also try:

  4. @rushmorer – you’ll get an envelope soon enough, with your bill. ON the outside of the envelope it will have the details of the Dairy, I suspect.We get our milk delivered, by a chap called Lee – glass bottles / leaving notes etc – and we love it. He works for the Dairy in Walthamstow, the name of which escapes me right now.I like it as a convenience & service, but also the fact it is helping to keep an old, almost extinct trade in tact.

  5. Thanks, I guess it’s just a waiting game. GR – Yes, local farm!

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