Don’t Mess With Our Convenience!

DON’T MESS WITH OUR CONVENIENCEYou may know that the newly formed Clapton Improvement Society ( ) took over the empty public toilets on Brooksby’s Walk / Chatsworth Road and volunteers have substiantially restored them for use. Next Saturday 14th May we’ll be there sanding and jetwashing so that they can be open for Chatsworth Road market day- come along and help if you can.Clapton Improvement Society – Improving the environment, well-being and education of Clapton and the http://www.claptonimprovementsociety.orgClapton Improvement Society – Improving the environment, well-being and education of Clapton and the surrounding area.


  1. That’s great news! Can’t wait to see them
    They have this cool photo on their website
    Brooksbys walk toilets

  2. Yes, they are ‘Our Beautiful Toilets’.

  3. Just crossposting to let people know there is a planning application for the public toilets:

  4. And here’s a link for their online petition to object to the planning application:

  5. Come along to Brooksby’s walk this Sunday for Daiquiris in the Lavatories @theliquorbar E5.

    More info on CIS

    Events in the Gents

  6. @IainMacIntyre that sounds like fun, unfortunately I have to go away for work 🙁 are you planning on doing another soon?

  7. I just saw the toilets and they are looking great! Well done guys

  8. Really enjoyed the cocktails last night – hope it’s a regular thing!

  9. The plan is for it to be a regular thing, with Thursday Japanese day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner). HOWEVER, the strong arm (or dead hand) of Hackney Council struck this morning when they sent some people round in an attempt to board up the toilets. Although we have managed to get them to change their minds, who knows for how long. After 17 years of leaving them languishing, as soon as something positive is done they leap into negative action within hours. Please sign our petition and watch this space. More Daiquiries in the Lavatories in the pipeline.

  10. Hackney Council doesn’t really understand Hackney, does it?

  11. Only two days left to get in your objections to the planning application, and to sign the petition. Thursday 19th May is the deadline.

    Here’s what you need to do…

  12. I see Diane Abbott has tweeted her support

  13. Sadness….


    Hackney Council Closes Public Toilets

    Today, Hackney Council sub-contractors forced entry into the toilets on Brooksby’s Walk, while neighbours looked on in horror.

    They smashed the windows and broke the beautiful interior tile work. The hardwood timber front doors are lying broken inside the loos, and in place of the doors and windows, there are now steel security shutters.

    The Society is meeting with the head of Hackney’s Strategic Property Services tomorrow morning, and will demand that the community is given a lease on the building, and is recompensed for today’s vandalism. In the meantime, we have written to our MP (see below) and to our local Hackney councillors.

    Events in the Gents continues tonight, at it’s temporary home:

    The Book Box Courtyard 53 Chatsworh Road E5 0LH (corner of Glenarm Road and Chatsworth Road)

    Tonight is Japanese Pancake night hosted by Fumio.”

  14. Wankers.

    Went to the Book Box, which was lovely, but that’s not the point.

    Now the toilets look worse than they ever have, a lot of freely-given work has been wasted, and Hackney Council have basically said fuck you to anyone in the neighbourhood who wants to get involved in making it better.


  15. So how would they feel if we went round their offices and starting ripping up the place?

    Sorry for all those people who put in so much work to clean it up in the first place…

  16. oh look they have an email address ripe for complaining:

  17. The latest on this from the Clapton Improvement Society website:

    “This week we have agreed the main terms of a lease from Hackney Council to the Society so that we can restore the toilets on Brooksby’s Walk/Chatsworth Road to public use. The Ladies will become the public toilets and the Gents will be for events.

    They will be open once we have signed the lease reconnected the water and electricity and restored the toilets. The Council are paying for repairing the doors and windows and for the connection of the utilities.

    We plan to open the toilets during market hours and at any time we have something going on in the gents… We will be applying for change of use and a premises licence.

    So if you have ideas for art shows pop-up cafes or anything else please contact us.

    We’ll also need help with painting joinery plumbing and electrics to get the toilets fully restored. There is a meeting for all members on Sunday 31st July in the Book Box Courtyard at 5pm. Please come along and join up if you haven’t already.”

  18. Hello everyone, for what it’s worth I and my brother own half of numbers 1 and 3 Chatsworth Road. My grandmother of 89 years owns the other 50%; she ran number 3 as a fish and chip shop and then after the war my grandfather joined her while she tried to run a florist from #1 but it eventually became the cycle shop because she couldn’t make a go of it. She still remembers the guy that continues to rent the cycle shop as a young boy. I thought I’d make myself known, I sometimes google for information about the area; being that I don’t live there myself forums like this are very welcome ways to stay up to date with the goings on of the area.

  19. Chris – thanks so much for chiming in. So good to see you here. You should definitely come and visit soon- chatsworth road is really buzzing. i bet your mum would love to see it too, on market day.

  20. Have a look at this site with words and images from local shopkeepers on Chatsworth Road about ‘Last of the Real High Streets’

  21. Hi @JaneMacIntyre it’s probably worth creating a new thread about that in the photo Hackney group as it’s slightly off topic for this thread

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