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Hi all,I am trying out as a default address instead of the previous, the decision came about when I saw a tweet that prevented someone posted on a forum due to the site being blocked at work, which doesn’t feel particularly inclusive. I will keep referring to the site as FuckYeah Hackney. The site and all it’s pages are currently available at both urls but it would ask you to log in separately for both addresses and for the next couple of days you might find links in urls point you to the home page as opposed to where you wanted to go.I’m trialling this for now and would be interested to get people’s opinions on the changeThanks


  1. Good to tackle this issue. Are you open to other domain names? If you’re keeping the branding the same then would a shortened/abbreviated URL work? Like

  2. I’ve grappled with a few ideas and done a few searches and I quite like yeahhackney – I was using both, but css and images were also being blocked. Maybe an abbreviation, but no way can I get a 3 letter domain name!

  3. Fuck yeah!

  4. I agree with the change – I’ve never been a fan of the Fuck Yeah meme, personally, and I always wonder if it turns some people off using some sites. At the risk of sounding old fashioned, I think you can still be enthusiatic about something without swearing. There’s no fucking need.

  5. Good call, I’d not thought of the fact that lots of emails and forums block swearwords. I guess ‘Flip Yeah Hackney’ and ‘Heck Yeah Hackney’ didn’t make it through to the last round? ;)…and @patricksmithjournalist – nice finish

  6. This makes me sad. :(Can you make something awesome in reference to the death of the beloved fuck.If we find a classic corporate swearword banlist and pull in a stream of tweets which contain these words and \hackney”.Or a collection of the companies that blocked it for “fuck” and maybe an auto-generated certificate-of-puritanical-ways which they and frame and put up in the canteen.I think my last idea may be a little off subject. :)”

  7. loosing the fuck also makes me sad

  8. Losing the fuck makes me sad too, but it’s only going to get more difficult.Although I am still in 2 minds about it – I might just fucking put it back

  9. I understand the reason for dropping it but it is sad to see it go. Call it instead?!

  10. the twitter name remains – the name of the site remains, it’s just the URL and calls to files with the work \fuck” in it that seems to be causing some issues”

  11. Booo. I guess there’s a sensible reason for it. I’m just not sure I would have signed up in the first place if it weren’t for the indulgent name.–What does this say about me probably nothing good–

  12. @hopsyturvy – you can still access is at – just pretend it never changed 😉

  13. I guess changing it to ‘yeahwhateverhackney’ changes things a little. That said, I was in two minds as to whether to send my mum some links to anything with the word ‘fuck’ in the title. She still thinks I don’t swear. Bless.

  14. it’s still positive Hackney – and it still says Fuck in the page titles

  15. Hopsyturvy has nailed it imho.Put the fuck back. It’s part of your DNA. It part of why it is what it is….and I’m pretty certain you want to put the fuck back anyway.(if its any help. Matt and agrees with me)

  16. i’m with @hopsyturvy and @eliotf on this. hopefully @anttix‘s mum will eventually come round to the changing use of the word

  17. @elitof @kuxi it is still Fuck, it’s just the url that isn’t – I don’t want to punish those already punished by their work policiesAnd @eliotf tell Matt to say that to my face

  18. \it is still Fuck it’s just the url that isn’t”thats insane. your name is your url. 😛 dont make me drop the “brand dilution” fact bomb on yow-ass.”

  19. @eliotf have you seen my logo – it just says Hackney – I ain’t heard you complain about thatI can’t lose the fuckyeahhackney twitter name anyways

  20. I like the current name, but can understand that to grow the site, it might need to be abbreviated

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