Doctor Who at HPH

Too late to get a ticket. If you hear of any, let me know. I’ll buy it! Otherwise will go when they show it again – as I’m sure they will have to. Anyone interested in coming?


  1. I managed to get a couple of tickets this morning as soon as it went on sale. Was surprised at how tiny the seat allocation is for such a massively promoted TV event. Wonder if they’ll consider to upgrading to a bigger auditorium if you and others email them? I understand its a one off screening for the 50th anniversary, but guess they may change their minds about that too if they think they’ve underestimated the demand.

  2. There’s more tickets for different days now so I’ll see if I can get anything at all EVER.

  3. Going on the 24th at noon. Alone. If anyone else goes, let me know and we’ll have coffee after.

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