Do you need a cleaner for your home or office?

My wonderful cleaner Maria who has worked for me for the past 10 years has just been laid off from her office cleaning job after 7 years because the company wasn’t doing so well and was sold. I got her that job originally as I was working at that company then, and since she was going there to clean every weekday evening, this is a big loss for her, and so I would like to help her find new work. If you need an excellent evening cleaner for your work premises or know of anyone who does, please do let me know. She is also available for domestic cleaning in the daytime. She is a fast, thorough, reliable and trustworthy worker, and she will do your ironing as well as cleaning.


  1. where is she based? might need someone for a flat in bow 🙂

  2. Bow would be fine I’m sure 🙂  She lives in East Ham.  Please feel free to email me directly

  3. I’m looking for a cleaner that could come to Clapton (E5). Is Maria still looking for work?Carys

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