Disposable diapers for one child. by: Cloth Diaper Oklahoma

We shall start off the group discussion with this image.”


  1. Great to see you on here!Big fan of real nappies (we use Bumgenius Flips) and always mention them to my clients antenatally.

  2. can you tell us why you like Bumgenius Flips so much?

  3. Welcome to Hackney Real Nappy Network hackneydoula!! Can you tell us why you like Bumgenius Flips so much?”

  4. Welcome to Hackney Real Nappy Network @hackneydoula !! Can you tell us why you would recommend Bumgenius Flips to your clients?

  5. I’ve been using Motherease and Little Comfort. I found Motherease very easy to use and well padded. With Little Comfort, it fits so well and so soft too!

  6. I’ve been using Motherease, Little Comfort, Bumgenius, Fuzzibunz, & Totsbots. This is my verdict…Motherease & Totsbots are very easy to use and soft, but takes ages to dry.Bumgenius, Fuzzibunz, & Little Comfort all fits so well, & drys quicker than Motherease & Totsbots.My favourite is Little Comfort as it has a pop-button function of the inserts rather than a pocket for the inserts, so that you can adjust for night or day time usage, or if it was just a tiny pee, then the top insert can be removed leaving the bottom insert for another usage, plus it is so ultra soft.With Totsbots, my son’s bottom looks like an ostrich butt! lol!

  7. Hello sorry I should have said I always mention cloth nappies to my clients – I let them know what I use if they ask, but always encourage them to work out what works best for them. I like the Flips as I find in convenient to re-use the outer wrap and like that you can boost the pads as much or as little as you like an that there are disposable inserts you can get if you are on holiday. I like that they are quick to dry and find they fit well. I used to use the Nappy Ever After laundry service which was brilliant!

  8. I’m going to Nappy Ever After today. They have a big sale on. I’ve heard a lot of goods things about Flips, and so I shall get some to try out. I’m so excited! Can’t wait!

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