Dinner in Stokey

Want to go for a nice meal in Stokey on Saturday night… any recs?


  1. @littlechef Depends what kind of food you are after, but you can’t go wrong with the wonderful Rasa – booking required.”

  2. Think I’m gonna try Viva but will def check out Rasa in the future, heard good things!

  3. Plenty of choice – sad that Alisdair’s went, always had good meals there. Fox Reformed is very good, Homa is OK (went there Friday) I’ve had good meals at the Three Crowns – although it can be noisy in there if you don’t get a seat in the restuarant bit.

  4. The superbly named 19 Numera Bos Cirrick 2 on the high street is very good as far as Turkish restaurants go, though its star may wane now ive found a shop where i can buy a litre of pomegranate juice (which is the main element of their signature onion and pomegranate side) for two quid.

  5. I like 19 Numera Bos Cirrick 2.

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