Developments in Dalston: Kingsland Shopping Centre

Kingsland Shopping Centre
Photo by Powwow on flickr

Interesting blog post on Loving Dalston about what may be in the pipeline for the Kingsland Shopping centre in Dalston.
More worryingly it mentions relocating the wonderful Dalston Eastern Curve.

Check it out here:


  1. This was the proposed link
    Dalston Eastern curve

    That I posted a while ago over here: (via Open Dalston)

    Open Dalston may have the best insight as to what is currently going on with it.

  2. Almost anything would be an improvement. That said, I hope the sketches the council released back in 2009 aren’t indicative of architectural choices they’d make today;
    (page 68)

  3. I agree that the shopping centre isn’t pretty, but losing Dalston Eastern Curve would be a massive shame.

  4. Wasn’t that always going to be a temporary set-up? Has the yurt/theatre thing gone up yet?

  5. Totally agree about keeping developer mitts off Dalston Eastern Curve.

  6. I don’t know the proposed lifespan, but developing on top of what is currently a functioning community space is not a good thing in my opinion

  7. Bit strange that they had the public meeting about developments in Dalston up in Stokey isn’t it? Managed to miss it though unfortunately.

    Last I heard was that the plan involved running a pathway from Dalston Lane to the car park though the Curve Garden. This worries me greatly as the beauty of the curve garden is the fact that it is not a thoroughfare and so is a little oasis of calm in an otherwise hectic part of town – it is also looking stunning at the moment.

    This plan would also entail replacing the existing pathways with tarmac pathways.

    I also don’t see why it’s necessary given that Tyssen Street already serves as a perfectly acceptable alternative route from the car park to Dalston Junction.

    The Curve Garden has very little in the way of protection so it really needs all the public support it can get.

  8. I’m not fully aware of the site’s history, but the Loving Dalston piece gives the impression that the site is owned by Criterion Capital and, if so, presumably the garden only exists with their permission as a temporary thing. I can’t see what anyone can do to stop it, especially since opening the space up is essential to the development of the curve as a commercial street.

  9. Public outcry? Making them realise it’s not a sensible thing to do.

  10. @jamieb agreed – power in numbers 🙂

  11. Eastern curve is great and should be recognised for its contribution to the community. I have nothing positive to say about the proposed. As always it comes down to people making money.

  12. Further info on the plans for the Dalston Eastern Curve in the updated Dalston AAP (Feb 2012). 1. Eastern Curve: Public Realm (POS1 and POS3)Redevelopment of Kingsland Shopping Centre would facilitate the creation of amajor new public realm along the Eastern Curve. As discussed in Chapter 15,should redevelopment of the Shopping Centre not be pursued, a series ofmore modest proposals could be considered.The Eastern Curve public realm would constitute a bold new space that willbefit its location in the heart of the town centre. The public realm is envisagedas a series of inter-linked spaces of different character and atmosphere (thatcould accommodate areas of green space). Pedestrian and cycle routes wouldprovide seamless connections between Dalston Square / Dalston Junctionstation (and potential Chelsea-Hackney station), the new shopping centre andother facilities of the Eastern Curve area, with Ridley Road Market beyond.It is envisaged as a series of urban spaces that vary in the degree of activitythat they accommodate. A lively urban space could be provided at the westernend fronted onto by shops, cafes and potentially other community facilities,with outdoor seating to take full advantage of the sunny open southern aspect.Close to this could be a play space.At the far eastern end, a ‘youth space’ could be provided close to theproposed pedestrian/cycle bridge (referred to as Ritson Place POS3). This iswhere young people aged 12 and above could meet and take part in informalsporting activities. The space could be given creative architectural expression.At present, the gateway to the ‘Eastern Curve’ (where the Peace Muraladjoins Dalston Lane) is occupied by a successful community garden 56installation delivered as a joint project between London Borough of Hackneyand Design for London as a temporary improvement scheme located on bothCouncil and privately owned land. While this project is temporary in nature, itdemonstrates just one of the many types of spaces that could be possible aspart of a broader vision for a new urban public realm along the Eastern Curvethat could come forward as part of the redevelopment of the Shopping Centre. While the loss of the gardens would be a bit of a shame, the proposed development has lots going for it (if it stays in its current form). Regardless, as has been pointed out here, it’s a privately owned piece of land which was only allowed to be a garden under a temporary basis as a show of goodwill by the owner. Demanding they now maintain it as a garden would be a precedent that would incline private owners of land from ever again allowing temporary public usage of their land. It would also ultimately fail anyway. It would be far better for those concerned to try to work with the developer to make sure green spaces are maintained within the plan rather than simply oppose it outright.

  13. TfL and Taylor Wimpey held a consultation over the weekend for their plans for the two sites known as Dalston Western Curve. Here’s OPENDalston; Incidentally Co-operative have said that they are opening their new store in Dalston Square in October by which time phase 3 will be nearing completion (I think) so hopefully that will start the ball rolling and we’ll see the Square come to life a bit.And just across the road Antic Pub’s new bar/restaurant Farr’s School of Dancing should also be open by then.”

  14. Closing this thread as there is a similar conversation over here:

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