Design Review Panel“Hackney Council is looking to appoint up to 50 professionals in architecture urban design development sustainability and conservation to join its voluntary Design Review Panel.The Design Review Panel aims to provide the Council and applicants with professional design and architecture advice on developments that might significantly affect the urban design of Hackney major or strategic scheme planning applications council frameworks and initiatives with urban design implications or significant and strategic issues and policies.Cllr Guy Nicholson Hackney Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration said: “Hackney covers just seven square miles and is the third densest borough in London but despite its limited space it continues to deliver innovative building design.  The advice from the industry professionals who volunteer for Hackney’s Design Review Panel helps to play a vital role in our commitment to encouraging excellence in all developments and to ensuring that buildings and public spaces throughout the borough meet our aspirations to improve the lives of everyone in Hackney.”The panel is advisory and does not have statutory decision making powers.   Visit for more information.” “…despite its limited space it continues to deliver innovative building design.”?In my opinion Hackney is one of the least architecturally innovative and most conservative inner London boroughs that I can think of. And anyway what innovation has to do with limited space I don’t know.”

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  1. @benjamin I agree that architecturally there has been no real innovation in Hackney. I think what the council means by \innovative building design” are innovative ways to squeeze more of us in to smaller living and working spaces rather than being innovative architecturally – creating buildings that are original beautiful and timeless. I seem to read more about stories converting garages in to bedsits in Dalston than anything with groundbreaking design:'m not against such designs per se but I think the borough needs to be braver in their planning decisions and less focused on a “box city” vision for Hackney.”

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