Derelict buildings around Hackney

I like to take pictures of derelict buildings. If you know of any please let me know.


  1. @alexpink I’ve always wanted to do some Urban Exploration. There are no doubt some wicked photo opportunities in some of these places. Especially around Hackney Wick’m pretty sure that anything interesting involves trespassing & a certain amount of danger.

  2. @ollie Thanks, I’ve come across that site before. I like the look of the childrens hospital on Hackney road. I could get some amazing shots. Hmmm.

  3. @Alexpink what about Tower Court and Buccleuch House in Upper Clapton? There are also a lot of derelict council flats around Laburnum Street all about to be demolished.

  4. @traxcitement Thanks for the shout. I’ve got a few of Laburnum Street (although probably not enough) but I wasn’t aware of Tower Court or Buccleuch House. I will investigate.

  5. @Alexpink I’ve posted a few photos I took last week of of Buccleuch and Tower Court into the ‘Yeah Hackney’ Flickr group to give you idea of what they look like.

  6. @traxcitement Thanks, I’ll check them out.

  7. Clapton’s Lea Bridge (horse) Tram Depot is in danger of being demolished and so lost forever. If you want to see the last tram lines in Hackney then this is the place to go to, as they are still in situ inside the building. I wonder if people on this site can help the present campaign to save it. Have a look at this link, as it has photos taken both inside and around the depot, which is on Upper Clapton Road, opposite Brooke Road.

  8. The last remaining block on the Haggerston estate

    Samuel House`Haggerston Estate`Derelict

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