Decimation the Clapton I knew and Loved

I Have been away From Clapton since 1974 when I emigrated  , Born on the Island in 1942, which was actually N16, moved 200 hundred yards as the Crow flies to one of the best streets to live in Clapton, Clapton Way to be precise , Google maps shows me what it is today, Clapton way almost removed from the district, the Surrounding rds of Oakfield ,Midhurst, Rogate,gone for ever more the Majestic house of Downs rd , that once enjoyed the pleasure of having Donald Pleasance making that great movie the Care Taker in one of those lovely houses,Clapton way seen out of a childs eyes was so very long, it had for the convenience of all that lived there every shop that you would need plus the fact a Street full of wonderful people , whose street doors were open to  all.It boasted that  Eastenders the Tv series was Plagiarized from one of the residents namely Pamela Wrag, we even had a Square , And yes I was to young to be Dirty Den, the Telephone box on the square would ring , and those passing by would answer and be asked to go to number such and such to tell them they had a call, the phone number I still remember Amhurst 43281. The homes have gone but the memories are still there. I have some great photos  from the Area I would love to Share if I could figure out how to upload. regards TurbsPS is there on here photos of Hackney that I can look at


  1. Hi @turbs I’ll send you a private message about sharing photos. If you are having a look for old photos, try the Hackney history group or the blog has a few e.g. I can point you to a few more too.

  2. I would appreciate that thank you .

  3. I would be very surprised if Clapton hadn’t changed since 1974, it has changed a fair bit since I moved here in  1997, some of it for the better. New pubs are opening which make it possible to actually have a social life in Clapton and not leave the area for a night out.

  4. David’s @turbs photos that he mentioned above are posted below. Gandhi Arested. Outside Canes Electrical Shop In Kenninghall RD Clapton Pond Doctors Saint Scolasticus Fancy Dress at Bentall Road School Hackney c1950’s Silver Julibee 1935 Ladies Outing White Hart Lower Clapton Road

  5. is the White Hart stated above now the Clapton Hart?

  6. ah v interesting many thanks

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