De Beauvoir hashtags?

For anyone trying to search for news about de Beauvoir on Twitter, the big issue is that the ward shares its name with a famous French feminist. Even though using a hashtag when posting quotes by Simone de Beauvoir makes very little sense from a technical perspective, people still do it, meaning doing a search for #debeauvoir will yield a lot of noise. Plus that’s a tad long.Considering this forum is one of the few online communities specific to the ward, think it’d be worthwhile for the de Beauvoir Twitteratti here to decide on and begin using a unique hashtag?Some suggestions:• #dbeau• #dbvoir• #dbtward• #debeauvoirtown (Bit too long?)• #dbhackney / #dbthackneyIf there’s already one that’s commonly used I’m just completely failing to notice, please let me know!-æ.

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  1. #dbhackney seems good to me!

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