David White

Really sorry to hear about this. I’m sure many of those that post here know him much better than me but even as someone only half aware of local issues I knew about him and his work. http://hackneycitizen.co.uk/2013/09/09/david-white-obituary/


  1. Really sad to hear this. I only met David the once, but he was clearly a passionate community campaigner. He will be a loss to Hackney.

  2. I had the opportunity of meeting David on a few occasions as I was having problems with Hackney Homes and the upkeep of my block.  David and Cllr Kelly really fought my corner and without David & Linda’s involvement my little block wouldn’t be as nice as it is now.  RIP David White.

  3. I was one of the recently expelled residents of the Tram Depot. David was a very welcome and active supporter in the many of the attempts to repulse the developer. After the disgrace of planning permission finally being granted, he and others vigorously produced alternative visions of how to recuperate the depot through the Clapton Arts Trust. David was generous in his time for others and the neighbourhood, passionate and committed, his loss to the immediate area is very noticeable.

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